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runtime: TestGcSys "using too much memory" on AArch64, Fedora 33 #45847

LutzWeischerFujitsu opened this issue Apr 29, 2021 · 2 comments
FrozenDueToAge NeedsInvestigation


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@LutzWeischerFujitsu LutzWeischerFujitsu commented Apr 29, 2021

[jw@cn06 src]$ ./all.bash
Building Go cmd/dist using /usr/lib/golang. (go1.15.11 linux/arm64)
Building Go toolchain1 using /usr/lib/golang.
Building Go bootstrap cmd/go (go_bootstrap) using Go toolchain1.
Building Go toolchain2 using go_bootstrap and Go toolchain1.
Building Go toolchain3 using go_bootstrap and Go toolchain2.
Building packages and commands for linux/arm64.

Testing packages.

ok archive/tar 0.149s
ok archive/zip 0.296s
ok bufio 0.269s
ok bytes 1.173s
ok compress/bzip2 0.259s
ok compress/flate 2.071s
ok compress/gzip 0.135s
ok compress/lzw 0.158s
ok compress/zlib 0.232s
ok container/heap 0.103s
ok container/list 0.084s
ok container/ring 0.076s
ok context 0.077s
ok crypto 0.076s
ok crypto/aes 0.097s
ok crypto/cipher 0.088s
ok crypto/des 0.066s
ok crypto/dsa 0.160s
ok crypto/ecdsa 0.545s
ok crypto/ed25519 0.313s
ok crypto/elliptic 0.571s
ok crypto/hmac 0.056s
ok crypto/internal/subtle 0.086s
ok crypto/md5 0.053s
ok crypto/rand 0.213s
ok crypto/rc4 0.131s
ok crypto/rsa 0.456s
ok crypto/sha1 0.153s
ok crypto/sha256 0.147s
ok crypto/sha512 0.068s
ok crypto/subtle 0.076s
ok crypto/tls 3.879s
ok crypto/x509 1.958s
ok database/sql 0.897s
ok database/sql/driver 0.096s
ok debug/dwarf 0.099s
ok debug/elf 0.152s
ok debug/gosym 0.139s
ok debug/macho 0.022s
ok debug/pe 0.098s
ok debug/plan9obj 0.107s
ok embed/internal/embedtest 0.047s
ok encoding/ascii85 0.098s
ok encoding/asn1 0.086s
ok encoding/base32 0.215s
ok encoding/base64 0.134s
ok encoding/binary 0.051s
ok encoding/csv 0.107s
ok encoding/gob 0.219s
ok encoding/hex 0.044s
ok encoding/json 0.880s
ok encoding/pem 0.112s
ok encoding/xml 0.201s
ok errors 0.076s
ok expvar 0.037s
ok flag 0.241s
ok fmt 0.432s
ok go/ast 0.111s
ok go/build 4.967s
ok go/build/constraint 0.092s
ok go/constant 0.057s
ok go/doc 0.224s
ok go/format 0.086s
ok go/importer 0.586s
ok go/internal/gccgoimporter 0.105s
ok go/internal/gcimporter 1.509s
ok go/internal/srcimporter 28.030s
ok go/parser 0.163s
ok go/printer 1.223s
ok go/scanner 0.088s
ok go/token 0.144s
ok go/types 9.628s
ok hash 0.101s
ok hash/adler32 0.062s
ok hash/crc32 0.065s
ok hash/crc64 0.036s
ok hash/fnv 0.046s
ok hash/maphash 0.485s
ok html 0.085s
ok html/template 0.420s
ok image 0.377s
ok image/color 0.064s
ok image/draw 0.355s
ok image/gif 1.554s
ok image/jpeg 0.738s
ok image/png 0.256s
ok index/suffixarray 0.585s
ok internal/abi 0.180s
ok internal/cpu 0.087s
ok internal/execabs 0.061s
ok internal/fmtsort 0.070s
ok internal/itoa 0.097s
ok internal/poll 0.508s
ok internal/profile 0.029s
ok internal/reflectlite 0.343s
ok internal/singleflight 0.094s
ok internal/trace 0.304s
ok internal/unsafeheader 0.065s
ok internal/xcoff 0.040s
ok io 0.127s
ok io/fs 0.041s
ok io/ioutil 0.056s
ok log 0.081s
ok log/syslog 1.308s
ok math 0.055s
ok math/big 3.230s
ok math/bits 0.066s
ok math/cmplx 0.039s
ok math/rand 0.461s
ok mime 0.057s
ok mime/multipart 0.719s
ok mime/quotedprintable 0.141s
ok net 14.052s
ok net/http 25.215s
ok net/http/cgi 1.404s
ok net/http/cookiejar 0.033s
ok net/http/fcgi 0.161s
ok net/http/httptest 0.119s
ok net/http/httptrace 0.048s
ok net/http/httputil 0.264s
ok net/http/internal 0.043s
ok net/http/pprof 5.244s
ok net/internal/socktest 0.069s
ok net/mail 0.033s
ok net/rpc 0.105s
ok net/rpc/jsonrpc 0.052s
ok net/smtp 0.102s
ok net/textproto 0.030s
ok net/url 0.102s
ok os 2.618s
ok os/exec 4.108s
ok os/signal 3.026s
ok os/user 0.085s
ok path 0.048s
ok path/filepath 0.133s
ok reflect 1.770s
ok regexp 0.386s
ok regexp/syntax 1.652s
--- FAIL: TestGcSys (0.09s)
gc_test.go:30: expected "OK\n", but got "using too much memory: 47054848 bytes\n"
FAIL runtime 79.877s
ok runtime/cgo 0.063s
ok runtime/debug 0.261s
ok runtime/internal/atomic 0.269s
ok runtime/internal/math 0.152s
ok runtime/internal/sys 0.128s
ok runtime/metrics 0.060s
ok runtime/pprof 18.752s
ok runtime/race 0.968s
ok runtime/trace 1.346s
ok sort 0.307s
ok strconv 2.163s
ok strings 0.565s
ok sync 2.184s
ok sync/atomic 0.422s
ok syscall 0.375s
ok testing 2.439s
ok testing/fstest 0.028s
ok testing/iotest 0.036s
ok testing/quick 0.271s
ok text/scanner 0.040s
ok text/tabwriter 0.037s
ok text/template 0.177s
ok text/template/parse 0.084s
ok time 3.216s
ok unicode 0.102s
ok unicode/utf16 0.012s
ok unicode/utf8 0.062s
ok cmd/addr2line 6.335s
ok cmd/api 7.821s
ok cmd/asm/internal/asm 3.506s
ok cmd/asm/internal/lex 0.052s
ok cmd/compile/internal/dwarfgen 1.141s
ok cmd/compile/internal/importer 1.356s
ok cmd/compile/internal/ir 0.099s
ok cmd/compile/internal/logopt 0.839s
ok cmd/compile/internal/noder 0.029s
ok cmd/compile/internal/ssa 1.117s
ok cmd/compile/internal/ssagen 0.023s
ok cmd/compile/internal/syntax 0.282s
ok cmd/compile/internal/test 16.164s
ok cmd/compile/internal/typecheck 1.283s
ok cmd/compile/internal/types 0.053s
ok cmd/compile/internal/types2 3.899s
ok cmd/cover 6.021s
ok cmd/doc 0.658s
ok cmd/fix 1.755s
ok cmd/go 43.302s
ok cmd/go/internal/auth 0.045s
ok cmd/go/internal/cache 0.463s
ok cmd/go/internal/fsys 0.165s
ok cmd/go/internal/generate 0.075s
ok cmd/go/internal/get 0.119s
ok cmd/go/internal/imports 0.083s
ok cmd/go/internal/load 0.114s
ok cmd/go/internal/lockedfile 0.280s
ok cmd/go/internal/lockedfile/internal/filelock 0.100s
ok cmd/go/internal/modconv 0.050s
ok cmd/go/internal/modfetch 0.107s
ok cmd/go/internal/modfetch/codehost 0.065s
ok cmd/go/internal/modfetch/zip_sum_test 0.087s
ok cmd/go/internal/modload 0.070s
ok cmd/go/internal/mvs 0.094s
ok cmd/go/internal/par 0.157s
ok cmd/go/internal/search 0.086s
ok cmd/go/internal/str 0.060s
ok cmd/go/internal/test 0.065s
ok cmd/go/internal/txtar 0.099s
ok cmd/go/internal/vcs 0.239s
ok cmd/go/internal/web 0.087s
ok cmd/go/internal/work 0.055s
ok cmd/gofmt 0.239s
ok cmd/internal/archive 3.206s
ok cmd/internal/buildid 0.965s
ok cmd/internal/dwarf 0.052s
ok cmd/internal/edit 0.054s
ok cmd/internal/goobj 0.110s
ok cmd/internal/moddeps 4.792s
ok cmd/internal/obj 0.085s
ok cmd/internal/obj/arm64 0.171s
ok cmd/internal/obj/ppc64 0.080s
ok cmd/internal/obj/riscv 0.095s
ok cmd/internal/obj/s390x 0.040s
ok cmd/internal/obj/x86 8.901s
ok cmd/internal/objabi 0.103s
ok cmd/internal/pkgpath 0.228s
ok cmd/internal/src 0.039s
ok cmd/internal/sys 0.051s
ok cmd/internal/test2json 0.368s
ok cmd/link 25.220s
ok cmd/link/internal/benchmark 0.110s
ok cmd/link/internal/ld 2.832s
ok cmd/link/internal/loader 0.096s
ok cmd/nm 5.868s
ok cmd/objdump 7.367s
ok cmd/pack 7.050s
ok cmd/trace 0.342s
ok cmd/vet 20.111s
go tool dist: Failed: exit status 1
[jw@cn06 src]$

Before did yum golang to bootstrap.

@seankhliao seankhliao changed the title build fails on AArch64, Fedora 33 runtime: TestGcSys "using too much memory" on AArch64, Fedora 33 Apr 29, 2021
@seankhliao seankhliao added the NeedsInvestigation label Apr 29, 2021
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@ksshannon ksshannon commented Apr 29, 2021

See #37331 also.

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@cherrymui cherrymui commented Apr 29, 2021

Yes, this is #37331 . Closing as a dup. Thanks.

@golang golang locked and limited conversation to collaborators Apr 29, 2022
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