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cmd/compile: arm64 r16, r17 register conflict between external linker and duffcopy in latest go release #46924

Jason7602 opened this issue Jun 25, 2021 · 1 comment


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@Jason7602 Jason7602 commented Jun 25, 2021

What version of Go are you using (go version)?

$ go version
go version go1.16.5 linux/arm64

We build our Go app on arm64. In a recent version, we encountered a segment violation error when it run. The problem is similar to that of #32773, but this time it occurs in different functions. Our product has a problem in runtime·duffcopy.
Here is a brief analysis of the segment error process
This is our product assembly code for a function,

   0x0000000012fe645c <+60>:	ldr	x21, [sp, #16]
   0x0000000012fe6460 <+64>:	str	x21, [sp, #152]
   0x0000000012fe6464 <+68>:	add	x0, x21, #0x38
   0x0000000012fe6468 <+72>:	ldr	x20, [sp, #632]
   0x0000000012fe64a0 <+128>:	add	x14, x21, #0x1c0
   0x0000000012fe64a4 <+132>:	add	x15, x20, #0x1c0
   0x0000000012fe64a8 <+136>:	add	x16, x21, #0x1f8  // put the stack space value to r16 
   0x0000000012fe64ac <+140>:	add	x17, x20, #0x1f8  // put the stack space value to r17 
   0x0000000012fe64b0 <+144>:	add	x19, x21, #0x230
   0x0000000012fe64b4 <+148>:	add	x22, x20, #0x230
   0x0000000012fe6624 <+516>:	mov	x21, x16  // put the x16's value to x21
   0x0000000012fe6628 <+520>:	mov	x20, x17 // put the x17's value to x21
   0x0000000012fe662c <+524>:	adr	x27, 0x12fe662c 
   0x0000000012fe6630 <+528>:	stp	x29, x27, [sp, #-24]
   0x0000000012fe6634 <+532>:	sub	x29, sp, #0x18
   0x0000000012fe6638 <+536>:	bl	0x1387d080 // jump to the duffcopy

then go to the duffcopy assembly code

    1387d080:   58000050        ldr     x16, 1387d088 
    1387d084:   d61f0200        br      x16
    1387d088:   0910a0e8        .inst   0x0910a0e8 ; undefined
    1387d08c:   00000000        .inst   0x00000000 ; undefined

the duffcopy's plan9 assembly code is

TEXT runtime·duffcopy(SB), NOSPLIT|NOFRAME, $0-0
	LDP.P	16(R20), (R26, R27)
	STP.P	(R26, R27), 16(R21)

	LDP.P	16(R20), (R26, R27)
	STP.P	(R26, R27), 16(R21)

so the br x16 will jump into 0x0910a0e8,

     910a0d8:   a8c16e9a        ldp     x26, x27, [x20], #16
     910a0dc:   a8816eba        stp     x26, x27, [x21], #16
     910a0e0:   a8c16e9a        ldp     x26, x27, [x20], #16
     910a0e4:   a8816eba        stp     x26, x27, [x21], #16
     910a0e8:   a8c16e9a        ldp     x26, x27, [x20], #16 
     910a0ec:   a8816eba        stp     x26, x27, [x21], #16 // here encounter panic
     910a0f0:   a8c16e9a        ldp     x26, x27, [x20], #16

So at this time the address in x21 (actually get value from the r16) is the address of the code segment. Then it went wrong
Actually @cherrymui submitted the CL184437 has already fixed this problem to some extend, but this CL still do not backport to the go1.16 or go1.15, so I strongly hope that the CL184437 can backport to the go1.16 version.

Does this issue reproduce with the latest release?


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