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by danielheres:

How about support code in <script type="text/go"> in Chromium? Are there

krasin commented Jan 6, 2010

Comment 1:

Go has an incomplete port to NaCl (http://nativeclient.googlecode.com). NaCl is a 
technology that allows to run native code right in the browser. Chrome 4.0 Beta has out 
of box NaCl support.
So, after Chrome 4.0 is released you would be able to compile Go programs to NaCl and 
run them in the browser.

Comment 2 by danielheres:

But well, that's not what I mean. I mean JIT-compiling in the browser, like 

rsc commented Jan 6, 2010

Comment 3:

We'd love to see this happen but have other things that
are higher priority (see http://golang.org/doc/devel/roadmap.html).
They're both open source, so have at it.  ;-)

Status changed to LongTerm.

krasin commented Jan 6, 2010

Comment 4:

>I mean JIT-compiling in the browser
You could port Go compiler to NaCl and compile Go programs in the browser.

Comment 5 by danielheres:

@rsc ok great! I don't have enough experience now to help with that however ;).
@imkrasin: for DOM access there is no Sodium chloride-support or port needed at all! 
I've never used it, but MS Silverlight supports accessing DOM with other languages 
just by altering your script type. With other languages it makes no big sense (and 
Silverlight makes it all slow), but with a statically typed fast compiling compact 
(consider var(a,b,c,d,e,f=10,7,8,1,5,9) and g,h,i=5,j(),[3]int{3,2,8} etc.) 
concurrent language that is almost as fast as C, that makes more sense for me! A Go 
compiler could compile even faster because the environment is already available.

Comment 6 by danielheres:

wow that i=[3]int{3,2,8} certainly doesn't work ;)

Comment 7 by dougfritz:

Any update regarding if this is still on the roadmap of features? I understand there
were more important things and native client wasn't supported in chrome in 2010, but
with the release of native client going live in version 14, has there been more thought
to move go support higher up the priority list?

bradfitz commented Sep 20, 2011

Comment 8:

Native Client is not going live in version 14.
I had them update the blog post to be more clear:
"Update 8/14: Native Client is currently only available for apps in the Chrome Web
Store, but we plan to change this in the future. Keep an eye on the Chromium blog for
Native Client, Go, and Chrome are all on different schedules.  If Chrome does ever ship
with Native Client on by default, then it gets much more interesting.  But will that be
NaCl or PNaCl?  Let's wait and see.

Comment 9 by dougfritz:

Great. Thanks for the clarification. I agree things get much more
interesting with PNaCL. Anything where you are still left building for
multiple architectures is far less appealing.

rsc commented Dec 9, 2011

Comment 10:

Labels changed: added priority-later.


rsc commented Jan 29, 2012

Comment 11:

Labels changed: added priority-someday, removed priority-later.


rsc commented Dec 4, 2013

Comment 13:

Labels changed: added repo-main.


rsc commented Mar 3, 2014

Comment 14:

Adding Release=None to all Priority=Someday bugs.

Labels changed: added release-none.


ianlancetaylor commented Mar 26, 2014

Comment 15:

Update: Go 1.3 is expected to include NaCL support.  Current versions of Chrome include
NaCL support.  So this may be getting closer.

rsc commented Apr 10, 2015

Moving priority-someday to the Unplanned milestone.

@rsc rsc removed the priority-someday label Apr 10, 2015

@rsc rsc added this to the Unplanned milestone Apr 10, 2015

@rsc rsc removed release-none labels Apr 10, 2015


bradfitz commented Feb 2, 2017

This can be closed now I think.

https://github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs is a thing and works pretty well.

Tracking bug for WebAssembly support is #18892

@bradfitz bradfitz closed this Feb 2, 2017

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