runtime: panic before malloc heap initialized on amd64/linux with no swap #5236

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by Dean.Sinaean:

Which compiler are you using (5g, 6g, 8g, gccgo)?

Which operating system are you using?
ubuntu 12.04/amd64 with no swap space

Which version are you using?  (run 'go version')

Please provide any additional information below.
Precompiled go1.1beta1 will produce:
tar xvzf go1.1beta1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
runtime: panic before malloc heap initialized
fatal error: runtime: cannot allocate heap metadata

And as I remembered, compiling will result in similar problem,too.

This issue has been discussed in the golang-nuts mailing list and a patch provided by
Dmitry Vyukovd <> solved it.
patch link:

bradfitz commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 1:

Leaving for Dmitry to prioritize for Go1.1 or not.

Owner changed to @dvyukov.

Status changed to Accepted.


dvyukov commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 2:

The fact is that a few people already reported that Go1.1 does not work for them because
of the VM limitations.
The MAP_NORESERVE change is easy to implement, at least for linux (as far as I
understand that's most hostings). The problem is that with MAP_NORESERVE programs will
crash later on first memory access to the pages. I don't know how cryptic it will look
for users.
It must be possible to allocate heap lazily, it's a more pervasive change.
Marking it as Go1.1 to not forget about it.

Labels changed: added go1.1, removed priority-triage.


minux commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 3:

perhaps we can catch such SIGSEGV accessing the mheap metadata
and turn that into a "runtime: out of memory" panic?

dvyukov commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 4:

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about. But it's difficult to test.

minux commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 5:

we could test that by manipulating rlimit in a child process, right?

dvyukov commented Apr 8, 2013

Comment 6:

Here is the changelist:
Can you test that it fixes the issue and behaves correctly if OOM happens during run

Comment 7 by

Per directive at
In abstract: some people care about VM commit charge in Go programs.
On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Keith Rarick <> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 1:59 AM, Dmitry Vyukov <> wrote:
>> Sorry, I do not understand why you care about virtual memory and how
>> it is related to ENOMEM in your case.
> I'll try to restate as concretely as I can, but I may be misunderstanding
> part of our situation. Dan, please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Postgres consists of several processes that handle ENOMEM and
> continue to operate normally (instead of, say, crashing), and they can
> make good use of as much physical memory as is available. At the
> same time, we run a few Go processes that require very little actual
> memory but take a lot of virtual memory. Since overcommit is off, the
> unused virtual memory of the Go processes consumes and wastes
> physical memory. We'd prefer to make that physical memory available
> to postgres.

remyoudompheng commented Apr 9, 2013

Comment 8:

If VMs are limited to e.g. 256MB of memory the heap size can be reduced to for example
2GB and the problem will disappear. I fear it is really too late to find an
self-adapting solution to this problem for Go 1.1

Comment 9 by

For the purposes of small agents, a *non* adaptive solution is perfectly all right. 
There's a class of user (myself) where such programs are better off dead than large
(as-is I restart the process frequently to prevent VM bloat)

remyoudompheng commented Apr 9, 2013

Comment 10:

Then modify MHeapMap_Bits in src/pkg/runtime/malloc.h to read "31-PageShift" instead of
You need to recompile your program after that. What I think is that a solution that
doesn't need recompilation seems too complicated to implement now that Go 1.1 is frozen.

robpike commented Apr 10, 2013

Comment 11:

I took a look at . Has anyone tried it to see if
it solves the problem? The change is actually fairly contained, which is not to say
without its own worries.

Comment 12 by dvyukov:

In the mailing list some people said that they think that it would not solve the problem
for them (something about overcommit level 2 disabling, I do not understand).
I am pretty sure it solves the problem in a normal case of turning off swap file.
I am not sure how to test this change reliably (the case when we actually get SIGSEGV on
first access to heap).
I think it long term we must be more careful with VM allocation, and allocate everything

ianlancetaylor commented Apr 11, 2013

Comment 13:

See also issue #5049.

ianlancetaylor commented Apr 11, 2013

Comment 14:

For 1.1 would it suffice to simply let people set an environment variable to set MaxMem?

robpike commented Apr 11, 2013

Comment 15:

Ian: I was about to ask the same question.

dsymonds commented Apr 26, 2013

Comment 16:

Labels changed: added go1.1maybe, removed go1.1.


ianlancetaylor commented Apr 26, 2013

Comment 17:

May not make it for Go 1.1.

minux commented May 5, 2013

Comment 18:

Issue #5402 has been merged into this issue.


minux commented May 5, 2013

Comment 19:

this issue also affects windows/amd64 (and it's much worse than linux/amd64).

dvyukov commented May 5, 2013

Comment 20:

Issue #5402 has been merged into this issue.


alexbrainman commented May 6, 2013

Comment 21:

Issue #5402 has been merged into this issue.


kardianos commented May 6, 2013

Comment 22:

For Go1.1, for 64 bit windows, I think we should just reduce the arena size for now.
Having several Go services running on windows, I will probably do that manually so I
don't reserve needed memory.
Alex, this would put memory usage back at the Go1.0 level, correct? I don't know of
anyone running supper enterprise windows required to have more then 64 GB of memory
anyway. See:

minux commented May 6, 2013

Comment 23:

Re #22, revert
and the memory usage will be back.
i'm not sure if we should reduce the maximum heap size on windows, but i do think it's
serious problem
for windows land (esp. when one develops client programs in Go).

kardianos commented May 6, 2013

Comment 24:

Re #23: Right, I'm aware the change is a single const value and it is easy to do (I
compile Go from source anyway) but I don't see a benefit in Windows having that large of
arena to begin with as Windows maxes out at 4 TB anyway. And it evidently has
significant cost to use the current mechanism on that OS.

minux commented May 6, 2013

Comment 25:

sorry, #23 is wrong, you just need to reduce const MHeapMap_Bits in:
i will send a CL ASAP to reduce arena size to 32 GB on windows.

kardianos commented May 6, 2013

Comment 26:

Windows 7, 64-bit
Arena size: 32GB - 142MB VM Commit
Arena size: 16GB -   74MB VM Commit
Arena size:   8GB -   40MB VM Commit
Arena size:   4GB -   23MB VM Commit
Any amount of lowering would be nice, but I'd even say lower it down
to 16 GB or 8 GB for now.

Comment 27 by

I poked around at MAP_NORESERVE patch above, and I don't think MAP_NORESERVE will do the
trick as far as overcommit-off systems go, per (Gotchas section).  
There is an old communication from Alan Cox as to why this is the case:, and I see no evidence
to suggest that things have changed much since then based on a quick skim through
Linux's commits.

minux commented May 6, 2013

Comment 28:

Re #27, yes, i also raised that on the mailing list discussion some time ago.
we just need to lazily map mheap metadata to fix the problem on linux (that is, reserve
like what we did for the heap, and then remap on SIGSEGV)
however, for windows, we actually need to be able to support non-contiguous heap
so that we don't need to reserve that much of VM at program start.
so arguably this issue and issue #5402 are not the same.

minux commented May 6, 2013

Comment 29:

This issue was updated by revision b3b1efd.

Update issue #5402
This CL reduces gofmt's committed memory from 545864 KiB to 139568 KiB.
Note: Go 1.0.3 uses about 70MiB.
R=golang-dev, r, iant, nightlyone

robpike commented May 18, 2013

Comment 30:

Labels changed: added go1.2maybe, removed go1.1maybe.


dvyukov commented Jun 5, 2013

Comment 31:

I suspect this is fixed by
Can somebody with the appropriate machine retest this issue?

Comment 32 by Michael.Henke.42:

Had the same problem as OP but with your fix it works.

minux commented Jun 9, 2013

Comment 33:

Status changed to Fixed.

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