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x/tools/gopls: release version v0.8.4 #52892

8 tasks done
findleyr opened this issue May 13, 2022 · 3 comments
8 tasks done

x/tools/gopls: release version v0.8.4 #52892

findleyr opened this issue May 13, 2022 · 3 comments
gopls Tools


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@findleyr findleyr commented May 13, 2022

This issue tracks progress toward releasing gopls@v0.8.4

  • merge master into gopls-release-branch.0.8
  • update hard-coded version
  • update go.mod/go.sum (remove x/tools replace, update x/tools version)
  • tag gopls/v0.8.4-pre.1
  • update Github milestone
  • write release notes
  • smoke test features
  • tag gopls/v0.8.4
@findleyr findleyr added this to the gopls/v0.8.4 milestone May 13, 2022
@gopherbot gopherbot added Tools gopls labels May 13, 2022
@findleyr findleyr changed the title x/tools/gopls: release version v0.8.3 x/tools/gopls: release version v0.8.4 May 13, 2022
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@gopherbot gopherbot commented May 13, 2022

Change mentions this issue: all: merge master (304195c) into gopls-release-branch.0.8

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@gopherbot gopherbot commented May 13, 2022

Change mentions this issue: internal/lsp/debug: update hard-coded version for v0.8.4

gopherbot pushed a commit to golang/tools that referenced this issue May 13, 2022
Also add a replace directive for x/tools to gopls/go.mod.

For golang/go#52892


- gopls/go.mod
- gopls/go.sum

Merge List:

+ 2022-05-13 304195c go/ssa: create *ssa.selection.
+ 2022-05-12 f918e87 gopls/internal/vulncheck: copy logic of govulncheck -html
+ 2022-05-12 a518b79 gopls/internal/vulncheck: synchronize cache access
+ 2022-05-12 ad497c6 internal/lsp/cmd: add -config option to gopls vulncheck
+ 2022-05-12 62d837c go/analysis/passes/httpresponse: minor clarification
+ 2022-05-11 6eb3de2 internal/lsp/analysis: fix a doc comment typo
+ 2022-05-11 728485f gopls/internal/regtest: add a test for using staticcheck with generics
+ 2022-05-11 1a5eed3 cmd/compilebench: use -p, handle packages with asm files
+ 2022-05-11 93852cb internal/lsp: fix source.CompareDiagnostic asymmetry
+ 2022-05-11 8ec40b5 x/tools/go/ssa: instantiate sel.Recv() on MethodVal.
+ 2022-05-11 28c754d internal/lsp/analysis: analyzer for //go:embed directive
+ 2022-05-11 033cbfc internal/typeparams: run go generate with go1.18.2
+ 2022-05-10 bc0e26e internal/typeparams: remove examples in favor of x/exp/typeparams
+ 2022-05-09 b87ceec go/analysis/passes/httpresponse: inspect enclosing context of resp, err
+ 2022-05-09 313af96 go/ast/astutil: make Apply follow TypeParams fields
+ 2022-05-09 d303668 internal/lsp/cache: use cached parsed files for symbols, if available
+ 2022-05-09 0fb1abf internal/lsp: factor out go/token wrapper into a safetoken package
+ 2022-05-09 cde25b3 internal/lsp/lsppos: add helpers for mapping token positions
+ 2022-05-06 22b7096 internal/lsp/cmd: change vulncheck to directly call the hook
+ 2022-05-06 72a884b gopls: update dependency
+ 2022-05-06 d7e01c0 internal/lsp/source/completion: use typeutil.Map for short-circuiting
+ 2022-05-05 d299b94 passes/copylock: suppress reports on Offsetof and Alignof
+ 2022-05-05 30fbd19 internal/lsp: fix fillstruct for structs with unsafe.Pointer
+ 2022-05-05 0ebacc1 internal: remove pre-go1.12 conditionally compiled files
+ 2022-05-04 45c8a71 internal/tool: implement structured help command
+ 2022-05-04 d27d783 cmd/godoc: expand skips in TestWeb
+ 2022-05-04 4911e4a internal/testenv: remove darwin/arm case from NeedsGoBuild
+ 2022-05-04 54c7ba5 go/analysis/passes/asmdecl: add build tag for loong64
+ 2022-05-04 b4c4500 README: restructure and update
+ 2022-05-02 556c550 internal/lsp/cache: invalidate packages that have added files
+ 2022-05-02 4a3fc21 internal/lsp: only linkify urls with http, https, and ftp schemes
+ 2022-05-02 04fc2ba cmd/godoc: skip TestWeb if waitForServerReady fails
+ 2022-05-02 6872d3b passes/unusedwrites: Add TODO for how to handle generics.
+ 2022-05-02 7c895e0 pointer: Adds unit tests for pointer with type parameters.
+ 2022-05-02 ddadc42 guru: Add a TODO list to the guru cmd.
+ 2022-05-02 c39ac6a callgraph/vta: Removes dead return statement (misc cleanup).
+ 2022-04-29 aafffac internal/lsp/source: avoid panic in HoverIdentifier
+ 2022-04-29 c862641 cmd/digraph: only print non-trivial sccs
+ 2022-04-29 6fff1af go/analysis/passes/errorsas: update testdata for new warning
+ 2022-04-28 115b454 go/analysis/passes/errorsas: warn if errors.As target is *error
+ 2022-04-28 60b4456 go/callgraph/static: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
+ 2022-04-28 a37ba14 go/callgraph/cha: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
+ 2022-04-26 dcaea06 go/callgraph/vta: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
+ 2022-04-26 b44fad8 lsp/completion: fix func literals with type params
+ 2022-04-26 5bb9a5e lsp/completion: fix literal completions with type params
+ 2022-04-26 0941294 lsp/completion: further improve generic func arg ranking
+ 2022-04-25 c903563 internal/lsp/cache: don't cache parsed files when checking for metadata changes
+ 2022-04-25 825b661 nilness: add unit test for generic instantiation.
+ 2022-04-25 2548a8b ssautil: Add unit tests that set ssa.InstantiateGenerics
+ 2022-04-25 ae12e8f ssa: switch lblocks to types.Object
+ 2022-04-25 559469a internal/lsp: render package documentation when hovering over a package import
+ 2022-04-22 fa7afc9 lsp/completion: improve generic func arg ranking
+ 2022-04-22 d567bc1 go/ssa: monomorphize generic instantiations.
+ 2022-04-20 5d7ca8a go/ssa: return nil on parameterized types on MethodValue.
+ 2022-04-20 48a2cc8 x/tools: remove dependency on
+ 2022-04-20 235b13d cmd/godoc: remove usage of
+ 2022-04-20 b22f048 internal/jsonrpc2*: remove usage of
+ 2022-04-20 bcfc38f go/packages: remove usage of
+ 2022-04-20 37590b3 gopls: remove usage of
+ 2022-04-19 e854e02 go/ssa: fix miscompilation of <<= and >>= statements
+ 2022-04-19 c02adcc go/packages: ask for EmbedPatterns and EmbedFiles if needed
+ 2022-04-19 5bb9c48 x/tools/go/packages: on Go 1.19+, explicitly ask for -json fields needed
+ 2022-04-18 00aa68c go/ssa/interp: use *ssa.Global as key type for interpreter.globals
+ 2022-04-18 b4aba4b go/internal/gcimporter: key tparams by Package instead of pkgname
+ 2022-04-15 46bc274 go/ssa: Update callee for wrapper function instantiation.
+ 2022-04-14 884ffcd go/analysis: add support for loong64
+ 2022-04-13 afc6aad go/packages: make loadFromExportData ignore go.shape
+ 2022-04-13 b7d7574 internal/lsp/protocol: avoid replying with non-nil interface values in case of error
+ 2022-04-12 1f10767 gopls/doc: update neovim examples for nvim 0.7
+ 2022-04-12 a220087 internal/lsp/protocol: ignore reply values with non-nil errors in jsonrpc2_v2 adapters
+ 2022-04-12 d5f48fc all: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 d996daa go/ssa: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 f9c13bb go/pointer: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 ad8ef15 go/callgraph: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 ce1e683 go/analysis: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 2bbdb7a gopls, internal/lsp: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 5fef6fd cmd: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 04fab9a go/callgraph/vta: avoids cycles for pathological recursive types
+ 2022-04-12 fbebf43 go/internal: gofmt
+ 2022-04-12 b900e88 go/ssa: emit Low expression before High in *ast.Slice
+ 2022-04-11 b2552ef internal/lsp: run go mod vendor exclusively to avoid file contention
+ 2022-04-11 9e788ee internal/lsp/fake: consider mtime when polling for file changes
+ 2022-04-08 fe932b4 go/ssa: Instantiate calls to generic functions and methods.
+ 2022-04-08 ce5936c go/ssa: bound functions are now unique per instantiation.
+ 2022-04-08 7dd9f20 go/ssa: Adds datastructures for function instantiation.
+ 2022-04-07 ee2bc8b go/ast/astutil: fix panic in DeleteNamedImport from line directive
+ 2022-04-07 48e6d8d cmd/fiximports: skip TestFixImports on plan9-arm

Change-Id: Ife04cdbc94bfd70ff81c94cdfb9516950256847d
gopherbot pushed a commit to golang/tools that referenced this issue May 13, 2022
For golang/go#52892

Change-Id: I15c8a1b72ab53a479329d0ddd0abfe959bf4a416
gopls-CI: kokoro <>
Run-TryBot: Robert Findley <>
TryBot-Result: Gopher Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Nooras Saba‎ <>
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@gopherbot gopherbot commented May 13, 2022

Change mentions this issue: gopls: update go.mod for v0.8.4

gopherbot pushed a commit to golang/tools that referenced this issue May 13, 2022
For golang/go#52892

Change-Id: I8697c5ea9ffbba621395ad4a353a44eec59194f8
gopls-CI: kokoro <>
Run-TryBot: Robert Findley <>
TryBot-Result: Gopher Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Hyang-Ah Hana Kim <>
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