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x/build: gomote ssh to plan9-arm fails with Failed to get IP out of "pi4g": <nil> #53571

bcmills opened this issue Jun 27, 2022 · 6 comments
arch-arm Builders NeedsFix OS-Plan9


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bcmills commented Jun 27, 2022

~/go/src$ go1.19beta1 version -m $(which gomote)
/usr/local/google/home/bcmills/bin/gomote: devel go1.19-b9c4d94fdb Fri Jun 24 18:54:27 2022 +0000
	mod	v0.0.0-20220623213349-3ceb9f4e34a9	h1:UXzH6j5xqqdwolS/8sIboizJIjD1FchifnbxqrO4wro=
	dep	v1.3.0	h1:mPL/MzDDYHsh5tHRS9mhmhWlcgClCrCa6ApQCU6wnHI=
	dep	v1.30.15	h1:Sd8QDVzzE8Sl+xNccmdj0HwMrFowv6uVUx9tGsCE1ZE=
	dep	v0.0.0-20200121045136-8c9f03a8e57e	h1:1r7pUrabqp18hOBcwBwiTsbnFeTZHV9eER/QT5JVZxY=
	dep	v1.5.2	h1:ROPKBNFfQgOUMifHyP+KYbvpjbdoFNs+aK7DXlji0Tw=
	dep	v2.1.1	h1:dp3bWCh+PPO1zjRRiCSczJav13sBvG4UhNyVTa1KqdU=
	dep	v0.4.0	h1:BEgLn5cpjn8UN1mAw4NjwDrS35OdebyEtFe+9YPoQUg=
	dep	v0.23.0	h1:gqCw0LfLxScz8irSi8exQc7fyQ0fKQU/qnC/X8+V/1M=
	dep	v0.0.0-20220127200216-cd36cc0744dd	h1:O7DYs+zxREGLKzKoMQrtrEacpb0ZVXA5rIwylE2Xchk=
	dep	v0.0.0-20211104180415-d3ed0bb246c8	h1:RerP+noqYHUQ8CMRcPlC2nvTa4dcBIjegkuWdcUDuqg=
	dep	v0.0.0-20210220032951-036812b2e83c	h1:5KslGYwFpkhGh+Q16bwMP3cOontH8FOep7tGV86Y7SQ=
	dep	v0.0.0-20220209214540-3681064d5158	h1:rm+CHSpPEEW2IsXUib1ThaHIjuBVZjxNgSKmBLFfD4c=
	dep	v0.3.7	h1:olpwvP2KacW1ZWvsR7uQhoyTYvKAupfQrRGBFM352Gk=
	dep	v0.0.0-20210723032227-1f47c861a9ac	h1:7zkz7BUtwNFFqcowJ+RIgu2MaV/MapERkDIy+mwPyjs=
	dep	v0.70.0	h1:67zQnAE0T2rB0A3CwLSas0K+SbVzSxP+zTLkQLexeiw=
	dep	v0.0.0-20220222213610-43724f9ea8cf	h1:SVYXkUz2yZS9FWb2Gm8ivSlbNQzL2Z/NpPKE3RG2jWk=
	dep	v1.44.0	h1:weqSxi/TMs1SqFRMHCtBgXRs8k3X39QIDEZ0pRcttUg=
	dep	v1.27.1	h1:SnqbnDw1V7RiZcXPx5MEeqPv2s79L9i7BJUlG/+RurQ=
	dep	v0.9.1	h1:73M5CoZyi3ZLMOyDlQh031Cx6N9NDJ2Vvfl76EDAgDc=
	build	-compiler=gc
	build	CGO_ENABLED=1
	build	CGO_CFLAGS=
	build	GOARCH=amd64
	build	GOOS=linux
	build	GOAMD64=v1

What did you do?

~/go/src$ gomote create plan9-arm
# host type "host-plan9-arm-0intro" is not elastic; 2 of 1 machines connected, 2 busy
# canceled a post-submit build on a machine of type "host-plan9-arm-0intro"; it should reconnect and get assigned to you
~/go/src$ gomote ssh --i-will-not-break-the-host user-bcmills-plan9-arm-0

What did you expect to see?

A successful SSH connection to a builder for the plan9/arm platform.

What did you see instead?

$ ssh -p 2222 # auth using
Enter passphrase for key '/usr/local/google/home/bcmills/.ssh/id_rsa':
# Welcome to the gomote ssh proxy, bcmills.
# Connecting to/starting remote ssh...
# `gomote push` and the builders use:
# - workdir: /boot/workdir
# - GOROOT: /boot/workdir/go
# - GOPATH: /boot/workdir/gopath
# - env: GO_BUILDER_NAME=plan9-arm
# Happy debugging.
# Plan9 user/pass: glenda/glenda123
# Failed to get IP out of "pi4g": <nil>
Connection to closed.

(attn @golang/plan9; CC @golang/release)

@bcmills bcmills added OS-Plan9 Builders arch-arm labels Jun 27, 2022
@bcmills bcmills added this to the Backlog milestone Jun 27, 2022
@gopherbot gopherbot added this to the Unreleased milestone Jun 27, 2022
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0intro commented Jun 27, 2022

Have you succeeded to connect to the plan9-386 builder?

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bcmills commented Jun 27, 2022

I didn't try plan9-386 due to #42117.

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gopherbot commented Jun 27, 2022

Change mentions this issue: internal/coordinator/remote: fix log message in legacyIncomingSSHPostAuth

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0intro commented Jun 27, 2022

It's likely you will hit the same issue as the one described in #42117, once the current issue will be fixed.

Please try again after CL 414595, so we could see the proper error message.

gopherbot pushed a commit to golang/build that referenced this issue Jun 27, 2022
…Auth and IncomingSSHPostAuth

In the Plan 9 case, a log message is printed when ipErr != nil,
but the wrong variable err was displayed instead of ipErr.

Updates golang/go#53571

Change-Id: I4acab14f830b5cc0ae7a7863199c0b0f70af6524
Auto-Submit: Carlos Amedee <>
Run-TryBot: David du Colombier <>
Reviewed-by: Carlos Amedee <>
Reviewed-by: Bryan Mills <>
TryBot-Result: Gopher Robot <>
Run-TryBot: Carlos Amedee <>
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cagedmantis commented Jun 27, 2022

CL 414595 has been submitted and the coordinator has been deployed.

@heschi heschi added the NeedsFix label Jul 6, 2022
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0intro commented Jul 13, 2022

Is gomote ssh supposed to work on builders running outside of GCE?
Running gomote ssh on an external builder would require it to be accessible from Internet and knowledge of the authentication credentials.

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