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x/tools/gopls: remove the "expandWorkspaceToModule" setting #63536

findleyr opened this issue Oct 13, 2023 · 7 comments

x/tools/gopls: remove the "expandWorkspaceToModule" setting #63536

findleyr opened this issue Oct 13, 2023 · 7 comments
gopls Issues related to the Go language server, gopls. Tools This label describes issues relating to any tools in the x/tools repository.


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findleyr commented Oct 13, 2023

Per the rationale provided in #57514: remove this unnecessary setting, in favor of always expanding/contracting the workspace as necessary (the current behavior with "expandWorkspaceToModule": true). If you need this setting, please leave a comment explaining why.

@findleyr findleyr added gopls Issues related to the Go language server, gopls. Tools This label describes issues relating to any tools in the x/tools repository. labels Oct 13, 2023
@findleyr findleyr added this to the gopls/v0.15.0 milestone Oct 13, 2023
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hjkatz commented Oct 25, 2023

I think I have a use, but I'm not sure where to comment, so here it goes.

What I'm noticing is that using neovim's lsp implementation I'm running into this issue: neovim/neovim#23291
Which causes significant startup lag ~20s when opening go files.

I most recently noticed this issue after adding a file into a monorepo with an example structure:

  - go/
      - go.mod
      - go files...
  - cache/
  - js/
  - lots/of/other/dirs

Content of

go 1.21.3

use ./go

Combine this with the gopls issue with globbing seen here: #41504

We get the following behaviour:

  • instructs gopls to use monorepo/ as the root rather than monorepo/go/
  • gopls requests to watch files monorepo/**/*.{go,mod,sum} (lots and lots of files)
  • nvim's lsp now tries to watch way too many directories and files

I think this behaviour is related to this issue and the expandWorkspaceToModule setting because I think some behaviour of this setting could (should?) use the contents of to limit the directories to glob.

In my case I would expect gopls to read and see use ./go and then set the root to ./go, not the cwd of

Alternative behaviour could be only loading the glob for any root (sub-path) that matches a use statement in for the current file being opened (or attached for the lsp).

I'm all ears to hear about workarounds or solutions to my problem.

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Contributor Author

Thanks for raising this issue, and for the detailed explanation of the performance bottleneck you're experiencing. I was unaware of that neovim issue, and will keep it in mind.

I think I may not have explained clearly that the current default behavior will remain unchanged (which is "expandWorkspaceToModule": true). Updated the description to clarify.

I looked into your use case, and don't think that it is affected by "expandWorkspaceToModule". If neovim is computing monorepo/ as the workspace folder, I think we will always ask to watch everything in it (e.g. it is considered a workspace dir). To work around your problem, you could put the file in the go/ subdir, or in an entirely different dir altogether and set the GOWORK environment variable. Longer term, if GOWORK is set, we should just watch the file itself and the modules it activates.

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Contributor Author

I filed #63742 to follow up on the overly broad watch patterns.

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hjkatz commented Oct 25, 2023

Thank you for the clarification. I think the behaviour of expaindWorkspaceToModule is good to have (i.e. gopls should try to use a heuristic function to find the correct root_path for lsp config).

Since this is kind of a 2-part issue (nvim lsp watch files implementation + gopls overbroad watchfiles glob) I decided to try to change the root_path myself and ended up with just a specific config for gopls:

  on_attach = [...],
  capabilities = [...],
  settings = [...],
  -- override root_path for issue:
  root_path = function(fname)
    local root_files = {
      'go/go.mod', -- monorepo override so root_path is ./monorepo/go/** not ./monorepo/**

    -- return first parent dir that homes a found root_file
    return lspconfig.util.root_pattern(unpack(root_files))(fname) or lspconfig.util.path.dirname(fname)

And now the number of watchfiles is back down in the ~3k instead of in the ~15k.

Note: The neovim lsp watchfiles function being slow still exists, but the delay is ~20ms and not like ~20s.

Alternatively users can just disable the watchfiles function entirely following steps here: neovim/neovim#23291 (comment)

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evanj commented Oct 26, 2023

I use this setting with vscode. My work uses some fairly large mono repos with Bazel. Most of the Go parts can use the standard Go tools, but not all. I like to open just the directory I am working on (e.g. a single library, or a single main program), since then all of VSCode's search and navigation features work well, without stuff I don't care about. To be clear, the directory looks approximately like:

├── go.mod
├── stuff_i_dont_care_about
│   └── build_error.go
└── stuff_i_work_on
    └── stuff.go

And I open the sub-directory within the Go module called stuff_i_work_on by running code (my dir) on the command line. The problem is I can't get gopls to ignore the hundreds of build errors in other directories I don't care about. I've tried:

    "gopls": {
        "build.directoryFilters": [

which as far as I understand it, should remove everything from gopls's build, but it does not seem to work. I have also tried variants that include "+stuff_i_work_on/**". If I open the Go module root, then I can use build.directoryFilters to filter gopls correctly. So maybe this is a "bug report" for this configuration?

If I set "expandWorkspaceToModule": false then gopls/vscode works as I expect and want when I open a sub-directory.

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geitir commented Oct 27, 2023

I have the same use case as @evanj. I use vs-code and my work uses a very large monorepo and bazel and I like to load only the service directories I care about (eg cd go-monorepo/src/.../.../service/ && code .).

I haven't touched my config in a long time, but I distinctly remember having to add expandWorkspaceToModule: false otherwise gopls would get bogged down, have a ton of errors, and sometimes crash/never resolve.

I will experiment with turning it off, since maybe the heuristics used etc have improved and report back, but I imagine it is still an issue.

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Contributor Author

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback!

I think it's probably incorrect to expand the workspace if GOPACKAGESDRIVER is set, so perhaps we can just fix the default behavior in that case. I'll investigate.

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gopls Issues related to the Go language server, gopls. Tools This label describes issues relating to any tools in the x/tools repository.
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