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runtime/metrics: inconsistency can be observed in /cpu/classes metrics #66212

aktau opened this issue Mar 8, 2024 · 2 comments

runtime/metrics: inconsistency can be observed in /cpu/classes metrics #66212

aktau opened this issue Mar 8, 2024 · 2 comments
compiler/runtime Issues related to the Go compiler and/or runtime.


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aktau commented Mar 8, 2024

Go version

go version 1.23-dev-c8c46e746b778c39727c588adf79aff34ab6f151

Output of go env in your module/workspace:

Not relevant.

What did you do?

Run the following program over and over until it fails. It compares the result of fetching /cpu/classes/gc/total:cpu-seconds and calculating it from its parts, and also prints how many ULPs apart the numbers are ([good article on this])( The program makes a little effort to entice a sheared update (successfully on my workstation). This is perhaps the reason the current tests need a 2% fudge factor to pass. Once fixed, I recommend adjusting the tests to be much stricter, allowing only a couple of ULPs difference.

package main

import (

var samples = []metrics.Sample{
	{Name: "/cpu/classes/gc/total:cpu-seconds"},       // 0
	{Name: "/cpu/classes/idle:cpu-seconds"},           // 1
	{Name: "/cpu/classes/scavenge/total:cpu-seconds"}, // 2
	{Name: "/cpu/classes/total:cpu-seconds"},          // 3
	{Name: "/cpu/classes/user:cpu-seconds"},           // 4

func main() {
	// Apply some GC load and wait for a bit. Gives a high chance of obtaining the
	// sheared result on my workstation.
	go applyGCLoad()
	time.Sleep(50 * time.Millisecond)

	// Read metrics.
	gc := samples[0].Value.Float64()
	idle := samples[1].Value.Float64()
	scav := samples[2].Value.Float64()
	total := samples[3].Value.Float64()
	user := samples[4].Value.Float64()

	// Calculate the total from the subtotals.
	calcTotal := (((scav + gc) + user) + idle)

	// Compare total read from metrics versus our own calculation.
	log.Printf("Δ = %s = total (%s) - scav+gc+user+idle (%s), there's %d floats between them\n",
		strconv.FormatFloat(total-calcTotal, 'f', -1, 64),
		strconv.FormatFloat(calcTotal, 'f', -1, 64),
		strconv.FormatFloat(total, 'f', -1, 64),
	if want, got := total, calcTotal; got != want && (got-want > 0.0001 || want-got > 0.0001) {

func applyGCLoad() func() {
	// We’ll apply load to the runtime with maxProcs-1 goroutines
	// and use one more to actually benchmark. It doesn't make sense
	// to try to run this test with only 1 P (that's what
	// BenchmarkReadMemStats is for).
	maxProcs := runtime.GOMAXPROCS(-1)

	// Code to build a big tree with lots of pointers.
	type node struct {
		children [16]*node
	var buildTree func(depth int) *node
	buildTree = func(depth int) *node {
		tree := new(node)
		if depth != 0 {
			for i := range tree.children {
				tree.children[i] = buildTree(depth - 1)
		return tree

	// Keep the GC busy by continuously generating large trees.
	done := make(chan struct{})
	var wg sync.WaitGroup
	for i := 0; i < maxProcs-1; i++ {
		go func() {
			defer wg.Done()
			var hold *node
			for {
				hold = buildTree(5)
				select {
				case <-done:
					break loop
	return func() {

What did you see happen?

$ GO111MODULE=off go build && ( export GOMAXPROCS=20 ; while ./metricsbug ; do : ; done )
2024/03/08 15:20:59 Δ = -0.004854960000000075 = total (0.50744394) - scav+gc+user+idle (0.50258898), there's 43729592093798 floats between them

What did you expect to see?

I expected the diff to be much smaller, on the order of 4*ULP(total). But there's a very large difference (in float space) between these values. After investigation together with @mknyszek, the issue was found: most of the value that serve as the source for these metrics are updated in accumulate:


Lines 953 to 976 in 61d6817

// Update cumulative GC CPU stats.
s.gcAssistTime += markAssistCpu
s.gcDedicatedTime += markDedicatedCpu + markFractionalCpu
s.gcIdleTime += markIdleCpu
s.gcTotalTime += markAssistCpu + markDedicatedCpu + markFractionalCpu + markIdleCpu
// Update cumulative scavenge CPU stats.
s.scavengeAssistTime += scavAssistCpu
s.scavengeBgTime += scavBgCpu
s.scavengeTotalTime += scavAssistCpu + scavBgCpu
// Update total CPU.
s.totalTime = sched.totaltime + (now-sched.procresizetime)*int64(gomaxprocs)
s.idleTime += sched.idleTime.Load()
// Compute userTime. We compute this indirectly as everything that's not the above.
// Since time spent in _Pgcstop is covered by gcPauseTime, and time spent in _Pidle
// is covered by idleTime, what we're left with is time spent in _Prunning and _Psyscall,
// the latter of which is fine because the P will either go idle or get used for something
// else via sysmon. Meanwhile if we subtract GC time from whatever's left, we get non-GC
// _Prunning time. Note that this still leaves time spent in sweeping and in the scheduler,
// but that's fine. The overwhelming majority of this time will be actual user time.
s.userTime = s.totalTime - (s.gcTotalTime + s.scavengeTotalTime + s.idleTime)

under the same (STW) lock. But gcPauseTime and gcTotalTime are not updated outside of the lock somewhere else:


Lines 751 to 752 in 61d6817

work.cpuStats.gcPauseTime += sweepTermCpu
work.cpuStats.gcTotalTime += sweepTermCpu

It is possible that a metric read happens in between these calls, and sheared results are observed. I've verified that this is what happens by manually changing sweepTermCpu to a large value and re-running the test. Exactly this change then appears in the diff.

@gopherbot gopherbot added the compiler/runtime Issues related to the Go compiler and/or runtime. label Mar 8, 2024
@aktau aktau changed the title runtime/metrics: runtime/metrics: inconsistency can be observed in /cpu/classes metrics Mar 8, 2024
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mknyszek commented Mar 9, 2024

Already sent a fix. ;)

I'll see if I can incorporate your test program. Thanks for filing an issue!

@mknyszek mknyszek added this to the Go1.23 milestone Mar 13, 2024
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Change mentions this issue: runtime: move GC pause time CPU metrics update into the STW

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compiler/runtime Issues related to the Go compiler and/or runtime.

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