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Quasilyte cmd/compile/internal/gc: unify self-assignment checks in esc.go
Move slice self-assign check into isSelfAssign function.
Make debug output consistent for all self-assignment cases.

Change-Id: I0e4cc7b3c1fcaeace7226dd80a0dc1ea97347a55
Reviewed-on: https://go-review.googlesource.com/136276
Run-TryBot: Iskander Sharipov <iskander.sharipov@intel.com>
TryBot-Result: Gobot Gobot <gobot@golang.org>
Reviewed-by: Cherry Zhang <cherryyz@google.com>
Latest commit 499fbb1 Sep 19, 2018
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archive archive/tar: remore redundant parens in type expressions Aug 21, 2018
bufio bufio: avoid rescanning buffer multiple times in ReadSlice Aug 22, 2018
builtin builtin: document when len and cap are constant Sep 18, 2018
bytes strings, bytes: optimize function Index Sep 13, 2018
cmd cmd/compile/internal/gc: unify self-assignment checks in esc.go Sep 20, 2018
compress cmd/link,compress/zip,image/png: use binary.{Big,Little}Endian methods Sep 11, 2018
container container/heap: clarify that Remove returns the removed element Aug 20, 2018
context context: don't talk about tools that don't exist Aug 22, 2018
crypto crypto/x509: allow ":" in Common Name hostnames Sep 7, 2018
database/sql database/sql: fix Rows.Columns() documentation Sep 3, 2018
debug debug/elf: add R_RISCV_32_PCREL relocation Sep 7, 2018
encoding encoding/json: use panics for phase errors Sep 12, 2018
errors all: make copyright headers consistent with one space after period Mar 1, 2016
expvar expvar: fix name of Var interface Sep 6, 2018
flag flag: add a Value example Jun 21, 2018
fmt fmt: fix usage of sync.Pool Sep 19, 2018
go go/types: don't report cycle error if clearer error follows Sep 17, 2018
hash hash/crc64: lazily initialize slice8Tables Aug 21, 2018
html html/template: add an example for the Delims method Aug 30, 2018
image image/png: minor cleanup of a few tests Sep 16, 2018
index/suffixarray index/suffixarray: fix a typo mistake in comments May 29, 2018
internal internal/poll: improve Splice comments Sep 16, 2018
io ghchinoy: add example for ioutil.WriteFile Aug 30, 2018
log log/syslog: skip tests that depend on daemon on builders May 22, 2018
math cmd/compile: optimize math.Float64(32)bits and math.Float64(32)frombi… Sep 17, 2018
mime mime/quotedprintable: accept bytes >= 0x80 Jun 27, 2018
net net/http: fix minor typos in Request godoc Sep 18, 2018
os os: add ModeCharDevice to ModeType Sep 13, 2018
path path/filepath: correct symlink eval for symlink at root Sep 13, 2018
plugin plugin: remove unused func Aug 22, 2018
reflect reflect: use a bigger object when we need a finalizer to run Aug 24, 2018
regexp regexp: fix incorrect name in Match doc comment Sep 13, 2018
runtime runtime: support windows/arm Sep 18, 2018
sort all: update comment URLs from HTTP to HTTPS, where possible Jun 1, 2018
strconv strconv: add example for IsGraphic Sep 3, 2018
strings strings, bytes: optimize function Index Sep 13, 2018
sync cmd/vet,sync: check lock values more precisely Jul 14, 2018
syscall syscall: enable TestSyscallNoError on all Linux 32-bit architectures Sep 17, 2018
testing testing: exit with error if testing.Short is called before flag.Parse Aug 20, 2018
text text/template: simplify line tracking in the lexer Sep 5, 2018
time time: return ENOENT from androidLoadTzinfoFromTzdata if zone not found Sep 15, 2018
unicode unicode: fix SpecialCase to follow its docs & respect explict no-op m… Jun 17, 2018
unsafe unsafe: fix reference to string header Feb 26, 2018
vendor/golang_org/x vendor: update golang.org/x/net/http2/hpack Aug 1, 2018
Make.dist cmd/dist: make 'make' quieter for developers Feb 8, 2012
all.bash Revert "build: fail nicely if somebody runs all.bash from a binary ta… Apr 28, 2017
all.bat all.bat,make.bat,run.bat: make these work even when directory has spa… Mar 25, 2013
all.rc build: do not set GOBIN on Plan 9 Feb 26, 2013
androidtest.bash androidtest.bash: don't require GOARCH set Mar 7, 2018
bootstrap.bash bootstrap.bash: only fetch git revision if we need it Jan 30, 2018
buildall.bash src/*.bash: use tabs consistently Mar 9, 2017
clean.bash build: clean current tree in clean.bash Aug 5, 2015
clean.bat build: fix clean scripts Jun 18, 2015
clean.rc build: fix clean scripts Jun 18, 2015
cmp.bash all: make copyright headers consistent with one space after period Nov 4, 2016
iostest.bash iostest.bash: don't build std library twice Mar 6, 2018
make.bash cmd/go: add $GOFLAGS environment variable Aug 1, 2018
make.bat src/make.bat: add missing go.exe extension Aug 25, 2018
make.rc cmd/go: add $GOFLAGS environment variable Aug 1, 2018
naclmake.bash all: use consistent shebang line across all shell scripts Aug 22, 2018
nacltest.bash all: use consistent shebang line across all shell scripts Aug 22, 2018
race.bash runtime/cgo: Add initial NetBSD Thread Sanitizer support Jul 10, 2018
race.bat cmd/dist: fix compilation on windows Aug 25, 2018
run.bash cmd/go: add $GOFLAGS environment variable Aug 1, 2018
run.bat cmd/go: add $GOFLAGS environment variable Aug 1, 2018
run.rc cmd/go: add $GOFLAGS environment variable Aug 1, 2018