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go generate is only useful if you have tools to use it with! Here is an incomplete list of useful tools that generate code.

  • goyacc – Yacc for Go.
  • stringer – Implements fmt.Stringer interface for enums.
  • gostringer – Implements fmt.GoStringer interface for enums.
  • jsonenums – Implements json.Marshaler and json.Unmarshaler interfaces for enums.
  • gojson - Generates go struct definitions from example json documents.
  • vfsgen - Generates a vfsdata.go file that statically implements the given virtual filesystem.
  • goreuse - Generates Go code using a package as a generic template by replacing definitions.
  • embedfiles - Embeds files into Go code.
  • ragel - State machine compiler
  • peachpy - x86-64 assembler embedded in Python, generates Go assembly
  • bundle - Bundle creates a single-source-file version of a source package suitable for inclusion in a particular target package.
  • msgp - A Go code generator for MessagePack
  • protobuf - protobuf
  • thriftrw - thrift
  • gogen-avro - avro
  • swagger-gen-types - go types from swagger specifications
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