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Go Issue Tracker Labels

The meanings of our the our labels in the issue tracker.

  • Builders - something involving the Go continuous build/test system.
  • DevExp - issues involving Developer Experience Working Group's participation.
  • Documentation - issues involving documentation text only (no code).
  • early-in-cycle - Should be fixed early in the release cycle.
  • Go2 - can't be done until a hypothetical Go 2
  • GoCommand - impacts the cmd/go tool
  • HelpWanted - we would like help on this issue. This label is used haphazardly. In general we want help on all issues.
  • IDE - This label is used to mark issues that affect code editors for Go.
  • NeedsFix - See
  • NeedsDecision - See
  • NeedsInvestigation - See
  • Performance - involving performance optimization (no functionality changes).
  • Proposal- - see
  • ReleaseBlocker - Has a release milestone, and must be fixed for that release.
  • WaitingForInfo - issue is not actionable because of missing required information, which needs to be provided.

TODO: finish the rest

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