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Elias Naur
Elias Naur misc,example/bind/hello: remove the Gradle plugin
And replace the plugin with instructions for rebuilding the .aar files
for the bind and ivy examples.

While here, fix a compile error in the Ivy example caused by gomobile
no longer prepending org.golang. to its generated Java packages by

Fixes golang/go#25314
Fixes golang/go#28098
Fixes golang/go#25184

Change-Id: Iaccdd50850a185414ebcf21427cfd7f625c6a298
Reviewed-by: Hyang-Ah Hana Kim <>
Latest commit 92f3b9c Oct 10, 2018
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android misc,example/bind/hello: remove the Gradle plugin Oct 10, 2018
hello example/bind: Android studio example. Jul 31, 2015
ios example/bind/ios/bind.xcodeproj: disable bitcode in Xcode settings Oct 23, 2017
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