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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package telemetry
import (
crand "crypto/rand"
type TraceID [16]byte
type SpanID [8]byte
func (t TraceID) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%02x", t[:])
func (s SpanID) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%02x", s[:])
func (s SpanID) IsValid() bool {
return s != SpanID{}
var (
generationMu sync.Mutex
nextSpanID uint64
spanIDInc uint64
traceIDAdd [2]uint64
traceIDRand *rand.Rand
func initGenerator() {
var rngSeed int64
for _, p := range []interface{}{
&rngSeed, &traceIDAdd, &nextSpanID, &spanIDInc,
} {
binary.Read(crand.Reader, binary.LittleEndian, p)
traceIDRand = rand.New(rand.NewSource(rngSeed))
spanIDInc |= 1
func NewTraceID() TraceID {
defer generationMu.Unlock()
if traceIDRand == nil {
var tid [16]byte
binary.LittleEndian.PutUint64(tid[0:8], traceIDRand.Uint64()+traceIDAdd[0])
binary.LittleEndian.PutUint64(tid[8:16], traceIDRand.Uint64()+traceIDAdd[1])
return tid
func NewSpanID() SpanID {
var id uint64
for id == 0 {
id = atomic.AddUint64(&nextSpanID, spanIDInc)
var sid [8]byte
binary.LittleEndian.PutUint64(sid[:], id)
return sid
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