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Mosy - a mosaic generator

Mosy generates a mosaic image representing a target image, using supplied tile images. The number of tiles and their resolution are adjustable.


Usage: ./mosy -target=TARGET -tiles=TILEDIR -out=OUTPUT [OPTION]...

Mandatory parameters:

  • target: the path of the image the mosaic will (hopefully) look like
  • tiles: the directory containing the tile images (JPEG or PNG only)
  • out: the path of the rendered image, ending in .png for PNG, else defaults to JPEG format

Optional parameters:

  • xt: number of horizontal tiles in mosaic. Defaults to 120.
  • yt: number of vertical tiles in mosaic. Defaults to 80.
  • tw: tile width (in pixels). Larger tiles are downscaled to this size. Defaults to 50.
  • th: tile height (in pixels). Defaults to 30.
  • h: display help

Exit status

  • 0: success
  • 1: missing mandatory parameter or help displayed
  • 2: a dimension (xt, yt, tw or th) is not greater than zero
  • 3: failed to render mosaic
  • 4: failed to save result


./mosy -target=example/target.jpg -tiles=example/tiles -out=example/mosaic.png


Tile setup

Each tile is downscaled (using averaging interpolation) to tw x th pixels. The original aspect ratio is not preserved. The average of each RGB channel is computed, giving a tile average color.

Tile selection

Given a target color, for each tile, the euclidean distance between the target and the average tile color is computed. The tile with the smallest distance is selected.


The target image is downscaled (using averaging interpolation) to xt x yt pixels. For each target pixel, the closest tile to its color is selected and written to output.