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GolangCI is an automated golang codereview tool.

This repository contains the central issue tracker for the GolangCI project.

Other repositories

GolangCI consists of sub-projects. The main ones are:


golangci-api is the Golang server with REST API for golangci-web.


golangci-web is a frontend of golangci.com. It uses React, Redux, Typescript, Webpack.


golib is a small Golang HTTP framework. It's used in golangci-api.


golangci-worker is the queue worker. When user creates or updates GitHub pull request, golangci-api gets webhook event about it. Then it send this event to distributed queue. golangci-worker handles such queue events and runs code analysis.

Issues, Features

Create issue in central issue tracker. Also you can create issue in one of subprojects repo if you know which one you need.

Contact email is admin@golangci.com.