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build(deps-dev): bump typescript from 4.8.4 to 4.9.3 #606

merged 2 commits into from Nov 28, 2022


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@dependabot dependabot bot commented on behalf of github Nov 21, 2022

Bumps typescript from 4.8.4 to 4.9.3.

Release notes

Sourced from typescript's releases.

TypeScript 4.9

For release notes, check out the release announcement.

Downloads are available on:


  • 93bd577458d55cd720b2677705feab5c91eb12ce Bump version to 4.9.3 and LKG.
  • 107f832b80df2dc97748021cb00af2b6813db75b Update LKG.
  • 31bee5682df130a14ffdd5742f994dbe7313dd0e Cherry-pick PR #50977 into release-4.9 (#51363) [ #50872 ]
  • 1e2fa7ae15f8530910fef8b916ec8a4ed0b59c45 Update version to 4.9.2-rc and LKG.
  • 7ab89e5c6e401d161f31f28a6c555a3ba530910e Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into release-4.9
  • e5cd686defb1a4cbdb36bd012357ba5bed28f371 Update package-lock.json
  • 8d40dc15d1b9945837e7860320fdccfe27c40cad Update package-lock.json
  • 5cfb3a2fe344a5350734305193e6cc99516285ca Only call return() for an abrupt completion in user code (#51297)
  • a7a9d158e817fcb0e94dc1c24e0a401b21be0cc9 Fix for broken baseline in yieldInForInInDownlevelGenerator (#51345)
  • 7f8426f4df0d0a7dd8b72079dafc3e60164a23b1 fix for-in enumeration containing yield in generator (#51295)
  • 3d2b4017eb6b9a2b94bc673291e56ae95e8beddd Fix assertion functions accessed via wildcard imports (#51324)
  • 64d0d5ae140b7b26a09e75114517b418d6bcaa9f fix(51301): Fixing an unused import at the end of a line removes the newline (#51320)
  • 754eeb2986bde30d5926e0fa99c87dda9266d01b Update CodeQL workflow and configuration, fix found bugs (#51263)
  • d8aad262006ad2d2c91aa7a0e4449b4b83c57f7b Update package-lock.json
  • d4f26c840b1db76c0b25a405c8e73830a2b45cbc fix(51245): Class with parameter decorator in arrow function causes "convert to default export" refactoring failure (#51256)
  • 16faf45682173ea437a50330feb4785578923d7f Update package-lock.json
  • 8b1ecdb701e2a2e19e9f8bcdd6b2beac087eabee fix(50654): "Move to a new file" breaks the declaration of referenced variable (#50681)
  • 170a17fad57eae619c5ef2b7bdb3ac00d6c32c47 Dom update 2022-10-25 (#51300)
  • 9c4e14d75174432f6a4dc5967a09712a6784ab88 Remove "No type information for this code" from baseline (#51311)
  • 88d25b4f232929df59729156dfda6b65277affec fix(50068): Refactors trigger debug failure when JSX text has a ' and a tag on the same line. (#51299)
  • 8bee69acf410d4986cb0cc102b949e2d133d5380 Update package-lock.json
  • 702de1eeaaef88a189e4d06e5a2aae287853790a Fix early call to return/throw on generator (#51294)
  • 2c12b1499908ad7718e65d20e264561207c22375 Add a GH Action to file a new issue if we go a week without seeing a typescript-error-deltas issue (#51271)
  • 6af270dee09d62516f6dc02ec102a745ffebc037 Update package-lock.json
  • 2cc4c16a26672a7ba6c97ba16309fcf334db7cae Update package-lock.json
  • 60934915d9ccc4ca9c0fb2cd060d7ec81601942b Fix apparent typo in getStringMappingType (#51248)
  • 61c26096e3373719ece686b84c698423890e9a5f Update package-lock.json
  • ef69116c41cb6805f89e6592eacb0ccb7f02207d Generate shortest rootDirs module specifier instead of first possible (#51244)
  • bbb42f453dc684e03d977c5b70391124d57543a9 Fix typo in canWatchDirectoryOrFile found by CodeQL (#51262)
  • a56b254ad3c52b598bc5d44f83f3d0a1cf806068 Include 'this' type parameter in isRelatedTo fast path (#51230)
  • 3abd351c0eea55758f27ee5558a4a1525b77f45b Fix super property transform in async arrow in method (#51240)
  • eed05112180e0d94f78aa02d676d49468f15dc31 Update package-lock.json
  • 2625c1feae25aede35465ca835440fc57bf13d52 Make the init config category order predictable (#51247)
  • 1ca99b34029dafad2c18af7bdc0711f4abf7e522 fix(50551): Destructuring assignment with var bypasses "variable is used before being assigned" check (2454) (#50560)
  • 3f28fa12dfecb8dfd66ce4684bf26f64e1f092f1 Update package-lock.json
  • 906ebe49334a3a9c2dbd73cd3c902898bc712b66 Revert structuredTypeRelatedTo change and fix isUnitLikeType (#51076)
  • 8ac465239f52de1da3ada8cdc4c3f107f4d62e45 change type (#51231)
  • 245a02cbed7ad50a21289730159abc8d19a66f40 fix(51222): Go-to-definition on return statements should jump to the containing function declaration (#51227)
  • 2dff34e8c4a91c0005ca9ccfb7e045e225b6f2e4 markAliasReferenced should include ExportValue as well (#51219)

... (truncated)


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@dependabot dependabot bot added dependencies Pull requests that update a dependency file javascript Pull requests that update Javascript code labels Nov 21, 2022
@dependabot dependabot bot force-pushed the dependabot/npm_and_yarn/typescript-4.9.3 branch 3 times, most recently from e33651f to 5f4b820 Compare November 21, 2022 19:00
Bumps [typescript]( from 4.8.4 to 4.9.3.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](microsoft/TypeScript@v4.8.4...v4.9.3)

- dependency-name: typescript
  dependency-type: direct:development
  update-type: version-update:semver-minor

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
@dependabot dependabot bot force-pushed the dependabot/npm_and_yarn/typescript-4.9.3 branch from 5f4b820 to f9e61a7 Compare November 28, 2022 16:01
@ldez ldez merged commit c772a9c into master Nov 28, 2022
18 checks passed
@ldez ldez deleted the dependabot/npm_and_yarn/typescript-4.9.3 branch November 28, 2022 18:04
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