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package config
import (
hcversion ""
// Config encapsulates the config data specified in the golangci yaml config file.
type Config struct {
cfgDir string // The directory containing the golangci config file.
Run Run
Output Output
LintersSettings LintersSettings `mapstructure:"linters-settings"`
Linters Linters
Issues Issues
Severity Severity
Version Version
InternalCmdTest bool `mapstructure:"internal-cmd-test"` // Option is used only for testing golangci-lint command, don't use it
InternalTest bool // Option is used only for testing golangci-lint code, don't use it
// GetConfigDir returns the directory that contains golangci config file.
func (c *Config) GetConfigDir() string {
return c.cfgDir
func NewDefault() *Config {
return &Config{
LintersSettings: defaultLintersSettings,
type Version struct {
Format string `mapstructure:"format"`
func IsGreaterThanOrEqualGo118(v string) bool {
v1, err := hcversion.NewVersion(strings.TrimPrefix(v, "go"))
if err != nil {
return false
limit, err := hcversion.NewVersion("1.18")
if err != nil {
return false
return v1.GreaterThanOrEqual(limit)
func DetectGoVersion() string {
file, _ := gomoddirectives.GetModuleFile()
if file != nil && file.Go != nil && file.Go.Version != "" {
return file.Go.Version
v := os.Getenv("GOVERSION")
if v != "" {
return v
return "1.17"