A virtual study group for Gophers conducted twice a month.
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  • We are looking for volunteers
  • We have moved the session timeslot to 20:30 IST from 21:00 IST. Please provide your feedback here
  • We are looking for proposals and RFPs.
  • We are looking for some one who could share/sponsor a Zoom Pro account to conduct online StudyGroup sessions.

Upcoming: StudyGroup Session 5 - Date: 6th Dec 2018 - 20:30 IST

Link: https://rebrand.ly/gostudygroup


Go Type System by Ankur Anand, (45 minutes)

Past Sessions

StudyGroup Session 4 - Date: 15th Nov 2018 - 20:30 IST

Video: here


  1. [Proposal] -- HandsOn: Web Scraper in Go, similar to BeautifulSoup, will explore the internals -- by Gaurav Agarwal

All past sessions are available here

The GolangIndia StudyGroup

A StudyGroup is a web-conference session where Gophers (members of the Go community) can discuss, learn and present content. The aim of the web-based session is to allow pan-geographic participation, while also allowing for more cohesive discussions around the presented content.

With the aim of wider participation from members in India, the StudyGroup's schedule specifically caters to timeslots chosen on IST. However, all sessions of the StudyGroup are open to participation by anyone worldwide.

The language for communication will be English.

Session videos from the GolangIndia StudyGroup are available here.

Code of Conduct

All participants MUST adhere to the Go Community Code of Conduct.

Additionally, the GolangIndia StudyGroup requires participants to adhere to StudyGroup Rules & Guidelines.


The default schedule for the StudyGroup is 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 20:30 IST

If there is any deviation for an upcoming session from what's mentioned above, that info will be prominently indicated in the StudyGroup Session details at the top of this page.


The Proposals page has details on the formats in which you can propose a study session and how you should go about submitting one.

Request for Proposals

If you are interested in learning about something in Golang, you can also submit a Request for Proposal (RFP). This helps identify areas where the community as a whole would like to learn about specific topics. This makes it easy for other individuals who have expertise in the topic to submit a proposal that might address this need.

The Proposals page also has information on how to submit RFPs.

Questions, Feedback & Suggestions

If you'd like to volunteer or engage with existing volunteers who run StudyGroup-India on any aspect that generally concerns the StudyGroup, please consider submitting an issue using the template Questions, Feedback & Suggestions. You can find an official list of maintainers in the MAINTAINERS file, in case you wish to tag them in your communication. Please ensure that all you communication in this regard stays within the StudyGroup issue.


The GolangIndia StudyGroup has been inspired by the Go Study Group started by Aaron Schlesinger, which in the interest of clarity is now called the North America chapter.

We would like to thank Aaron and Carolyn Van Slyck for their support and encouragement.

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