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Experimental Capture Workshop

Computational & Expanded ███ography

Golan Levin / @golan
A one-week workshop taught at Anderson Ranch, July 2016
Initially developed Fall 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University
For complete info, see the Experimental Capture main page.


Learning Objectives

This workshop introduces some experimental media practices that arise from using devices to "capture" the world. In particular, we are concerned with how we can understand and build representations of the world using devices that sense beyond the limits of human perception.

Workshop Agenda


  1. Introduction. Meet & Greet; Discussion & Objectives (9:00-9:45)
  2. A quick list of some hands-on stuff we'll cover:
    • Photogrammetry and 3D scanning
    • Multi-spectral imaging (NIR, UV, Thermal)
    • High-speed videography
    • 360-degree video
    • Time play
    • Gesture capture & OSC
    • Much more (see below)!
  3. Random Interludes and Appetizers (9:45-10:45)


  1. Viewings (10:45-11:30)

Activities, Exercises & Demonstrations

  1. Optional Exercises:
  2. Exercises/Demonstrations with Photoscan:
    • Photogrammetry with Photoscan, from stills
    • Photogrammetry with Photoscan, from video)
      (Instructions by Claire Hentschker)
  3. Exercises/Demonstrations with other scanners:
    • Depth capture with the Kinect & OF (examples/addons/kinectExample)
    • Depth capture with the Hokuyo LIDAR
    • Photogrammetry with iSense/Skanect
      (Instructions by Claire Hentschker)


Today's topic is seeing beyond human perception, with: Multi-spectral imaging (NIR, UV, Thermal) and High-speed videography.

  1. Interludes and Appetizers
  2. Main topics:

Activities and Exercises

  1. We will have demonstrations of IR, Thermal, and UV videography.
  2. We will have demonstrations of the Edgertronic high speed camera. Here's the Edgertronic Beginner's Guide to High-Speed Video, which may be helpful if you want to know more.
  3. Participants are free to work with any of the above.


Today's topic is panoramic imaging. We will also look at other forms of time play.

  1. Main Topics

Google's YouTube MetaData Injector (to display equirectangular video in YouTube as a navigable space)

  1. Time Play

Activities and Exercises

  1. Today, those who wish may continue explorations with:
    • Photogrammetry (Photoscan, iSense)
    • UV, NIR, Thermal imaging (FLIR)
    • High-speed imaging (Edgertronic)
  2. We will also do some extended imaging with
    • Catadioptric omnidirectional/panoramic lens devices, using the Sony Bloggie, and CatadioptricUnwarp360
    • Double-fisheye lens devices; Hugin & Autopano (Crecord)
    • Stereo devices, depth from stereo


  1. Mini Lectures
  2. Also on deck to view:

Activities and Exercises

  1. Demonstrations of:
  2. DepthKit (RGBD Toolkit)



To be organized on-the-fly, responding to circumstances. A list of activities and lectures we'll draw from throughout the week: