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Prometheus File Watcher exporter
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Prometheus Filewatcher Exporter

The exporter is watching files, providing last modified date, file zise and few system metrics for Prometheus.

Written in Rust

Built using: Prometheus exporter base

Metric name Description
filewatcher_file_modified File last modified timestamp
filewatcher_file_size File size in bytes
mem_total Total amount of server memory in bytes
mem_used Total used memory in bytes
mem_swap_total Swap size in bytes
mem_swap_used Used swap size in bytes
disk_free Free disk space in bytes (for each mount point in the system)
disk_total Total dis size in bytes (for each mount point in the system)


filewatcher_exporter -p 9104 -h -t "/var/log/nginx/error.log;/var/log/nginx/access.log"

Command line arguments

-p [port] - port number, default 9104
-h [host] - hostname, default
-v - verbouse 
-t [targets] - list of files to watch, separated by ;

Compile binaries

NOTE: Use Rust nightly version

cargo +nightly build --release

Output example

# HELP filewatcher_file_modified The timestamp when the file was last modified
# TYPE filewatcher_file_modified gauge
filewatcher_file_modified{filename="test.file",host="golden"} 1572918373
filewatcher_file_modified{filename="test2.file",host="golden"} 1573664023
# HELP filewatcher_file_size The size of the file in bytes
# TYPE filewatcher_file_size gauge
filewatcher_file_size{filename="test.file",host="golden"} 7778
filewatcher_file_size{filename="test2.file",host="golden"} 7789
# HELP mem_swap_total mem_swap_total collected metric
# TYPE mem_swap_total gauge
mem_swap_total{host="golden"} 16658428
# HELP mem_total mem_total collected metric
# TYPE mem_total gauge
mem_total{host="golden"} 16304852
# HELP mem_used mem_used collected metric
# TYPE mem_used gauge
mem_used{host="golden"} 15128092
# HELP mem_swap_used mem_swap_used collected metric
# TYPE mem_swap_used gauge
mem_swap_used{host="golden"} 5595344
# HELP disk_free disk_free collected metric
# TYPE disk_free gauge
disk_free{device="sda2",host="golden",fstype="ext4",path="/",type="SSD"} 70964506624
disk_free{device="sda1",host="golden",fstype="vfat",path="/boot/efi",type="SSD"} 498417664
# HELP disk_total disk_total collected metric
# TYPE disk_total gauge
disk_total{device="sda2",host="golden",fstype="ext4",path="/",type="SSD"} 234587672576
disk_total{device="sda1",host="golden",fstype="vfat",path="/boot/efi",type="SSD"} 535805952
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