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@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ Filter tabular data to only those rows where certain columns contain a given val
positional arguments:
FILE The CSV file to operate on. If omitted, will accept
input on STDIN.
- PATTERN The pattern to search for.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
@@ -25,18 +24,31 @@ Filter tabular data to only those rows where certain columns contain a given val
-c COLUMNS, --columns COLUMNS
A comma separated list of column indices or names to
be searched.
- -r, --regex If specified, the search pattern will be treated as a
- regular expression.
+ -r REGEX, --regex REGEX
+ If specified, must be followed by a regular expression
+ which will be tested against the specified columns.
+ If specified, must be the path to a file. For each
+ tested row, if any line in the file (stripped of line
+ separators) is an exact match for the cell value, the
+ row will pass.
+ -i, --invert-match If specified, select non-matching instead of matching
+ rows.
+ -m PATTERN, --match PATTERN
+ The string to search for.
Also see: :doc:`common_arguments`.
+NOTE: Even though '-m', '-r', and '-f' are listed as "optional" arguments, you must specify one of them.
Search for the row relating to Illinois::
- $ csvgrep -c 1 ILLINOIS examples/realdata/FY09_EDU_Recipients_by_State.csv
+ $ csvgrep -c 1 -m ILLINOIS examples/realdata/FY09_EDU_Recipients_by_State.csv
Search for rows relating to states with names beginning with the letter "I"::
$ csvgrep -c 1 -r "^I" examples/realdata/FY09_EDU_Recipients_by_State.csv

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