Python Google Spreadsheets library with simple API
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Python Google Spreadsheets library with simple API.


  • Open a spreadsheet by its title or url.
  • Extract range, entire row or column values.
  • Independent of Google Data Python client library.
  • Python 3 support.

Basic usage

import gspread

# Login with your Google account
gc = gspread.login('','password')

# Open a worksheet from spreadsheet with one shot
wks ="Where is the money Lebowski?").sheet1

wks.update_acell('B2', "it's down there somewhere, let me take another look.")

More examples

Opening a spreadsheet

# You can open a spreadsheet by its title as it appers in Google Docs
sh ="My poor gym results") # <-- Look ma, no keys!

# If you want to be specific, use a key (which can be extracted from
# the spreadsheet's url
sht1 = gc.open_by_key('0BmgG6nO_6dprdS1MN3d3MkdPa142WFRrdnRRUWl1UFE')

# Or, if you feel really lazy to extract that key, paste the entire url
sht2 = gc.open_by_url('')

Selecting a worksheet

# Select worksheet by index. Worksheet indexes start from zero
worksheet = sh.get_worksheet(0)

# Most common case: Sheet1
worksheet = sh.sheet1

Getting a cell value

# With label
val = worksheet.acell('B1').value

# With coords
val = worksheet.cell(1, 2).value

# Get all values from column. Column and row indexes start from one
first_col = worksheet.col_values(1)

Finding a cell

# Find a cell with exact string value
cell = worksheet.find("Dough")

# Find a cell matching a regular expression
amount_re = re.compile(r'(Big|Enormous) dough')
cell = worksheet.find(amount_re)

# Find all cells
cell_list = worksheet.findall(amount_re)


worksheet.update_acell('B1', 'Bingo!')

# Or
worksheet.update_cell(1, 2, 'Bingo!')

# Select a range
cell_list = worksheet.range('A1:A7')

for cell in cell_list:
    cell.value = 'O_o'

# Update in batch


Python 2.6+ or Python 3+


From GitHub

git clone
cd gspread
python install

From PyPI

pip install gspread

If you're on easy_install, it's:

easy_install gspread


Docs on GitHub

Feedback and contribution

The library is in active development so any feedback is urgently needed. Please don't hesitate to open up a new github issue or simply drop me a line to