wssh ("wish") is a command-line utility/shell for WebSocket inspired by netcat
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wssh - websocket shell

wssh ("wish") is a command-line utility/shell for WebSocket inpsired by netcat.


git clone git://
cd wssh
python install

It uses currently uses gevent 0.13, so you may need to install libevent. This is because it uses the great work in ws4py. My gevent websocket server+client in there could probably be generalized to work with Eventlet; then this could be trivially ported to Eventlet to drop the libevent dependency.


Listen for WebSocket connections on a particular path and print messages to STDOUT:

wssh -l localhost:8000/websocket

Once connected you can use STDIN to send messages. Each line is a message. You can just as well open a peristent client connection that prints incoming messages to STDOUT and sends messages from STDIN interactively:

wssh localhost:8000/websocket


Feel free to fork and improve.