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/* This file is (c) 2008-2012 Konstantin Isakov <>
* Part of GoldenDict. Licensed under GPLv3 or later, see the LICENSE file */
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QThread>
#include <QToolButton>
#include <QSystemTrayIcon>
#include <QNetworkAccessManager>
#include "ui_mainwindow.h"
#include "folding.hh"
#include "config.hh"
#include "dictionary.hh"
#include "article_netmgr.hh"
#include "instances.hh"
#include "article_maker.hh"
#include "scanpopup.hh"
#include "articleview.hh"
#include "wordfinder.hh"
#include "dictionarybar.hh"
#include "history.hh"
#include "hotkeywrapper.hh"
#include "mainstatusbar.hh"
#include "mruqmenu.hh"
#ifdef Q_WS_X11
#include <fixx11h.h>
using std::string;
using std::vector;
class MainWindow: public QMainWindow, public DataCommitter
MainWindow( Config::Class & cfg );
virtual void commitData( QSessionManager & );
public slots:
void messageFromAnotherInstanceReceived( QString const & );
void showStatusBarMessage ( QString const &, int, QPixmap const & );
void wordReceived( QString const & );
void commitData();
bool commitDataCompleted;
bool showHistory;
QSystemTrayIcon * trayIcon;
Ui::MainWindow ui;
/// This widget is used as a title bar for the searchPane dock, and
/// incorporates the next three objects inside
QWidget searchPaneTitleBar;
QHBoxLayout searchPaneTitleBarLayout;
QLabel groupLabel;
GroupComboBox groupList;
QWidget dictsPaneTitleBar;
QHBoxLayout dictsPaneTitleBarLayout;
QLabel foundInDictsLabel;
/// Fonts saved before words zooming is in effect, so it could be reset back.
QFont wordListDefaultFont, translateLineDefaultFont;
QAction escAction, f3Action, shiftF3Action, focusTranslateLineAction, addTabAction, closeCurrentTabAction,
closeAllTabAction, closeRestTabAction,
switchToNextTabAction, switchToPrevTabAction,
showDictBarNamesAction, useSmallIconsInToolbarsAction, toggleMenuBarAction;
QToolBar * navToolbar;
MainStatusBar * mainStatusBar;
QAction * navBack, * navForward, * navPronounce, * enableScanPopup, * scanPopupSeparator;
QAction * zoomIn, * zoomOut, * zoomBase;
QAction * wordsZoomIn, * wordsZoomOut, * wordsZoomBase;
QMenu trayIconMenu;
QMenu *tabMenu;
MRUQMenu *tabListMenu;
//List that contains indexes of tabs arranged in a most-recently-used order
QList<QWidget*> mruList;
QToolButton addTab, *tabListButton;
Config::Class & cfg;
Config::Events configEvents;
History history;
DictionaryBar dictionaryBar;
vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > dictionaries;
/// Here we store unmuted dictionaries when the dictionary bar is active
vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > dictionariesUnmuted;
Instances::Groups groupInstances;
ArticleMaker articleMaker;
ArticleNetworkAccessManager articleNetMgr;
QNetworkAccessManager dictNetMgr; // We give dictionaries a separate manager,
// since their requests can be destroyed
// in a separate thread
WordFinder wordFinder;
sptr< ScanPopup > scanPopup;
sptr< HotkeyWrapper > hotkeyWrapper;
QTimer newReleaseCheckTimer; // Countdown to a check for the new program
// release, if enabled
sptr< QNetworkReply > latestReleaseReply;
sptr< QPrinter > printer; // The printer we use for all printing operations
QPrinter & getPrinter(); // Creates a printer if it's not there and returns it
/// Applies the qt's stylesheet, given the style's name.
void applyQtStyleSheet( QString const & displayStyle );
/// Creates, destroys or otherwise updates tray icon, according to the
/// current configuration and situation.
void updateTrayIcon();
void closeEvent( QCloseEvent * );
void applyProxySettings();
void applyWebSettings();
void makeDictionaries();
void updateStatusLine();
void updateGroupList();
void updateDictionaryBar();
void makeScanPopup();
void updateMatchResults( bool finished );
void updatePronounceAvailability();
void updateFoundInDictsList();
void updateBackForwardButtons();
void updateWindowTitle();
/// Updates word search request and active article view in response to
/// muting or unmuting dictionaries, or showing/hiding dictionary bar.
void applyMutedDictionariesState();
virtual bool eventFilter( QObject *, QEvent * );
/// Returns the reference to dictionaries stored in the currently active
/// group, or to all dictionaries if there are no groups.
vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > const & getActiveDicts();
/// Brings the main window to front if it's not currently, or hides it
/// otherwise. The hiding part is omitted if onlyShow is true.
void toggleMainWindow( bool onlyShow = false );
/// Creates hotkeyWrapper and hooks the currently set keys for it
void installHotKeys();
void applyZoomFactor();
void mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent * event );
void updateCurrentGroupProperty();
/// Handles backward and forward mouse buttons and
/// returns true if the event is handled.
bool handleBackForwardMouseButtons(QMouseEvent *ev);
ArticleView * getCurrentArticleView();
void ctrlTabPressed();
private slots:
void hotKeyActivated( int );
/// If new release checks are on, santizies the next check time and starts
/// the timer. Does nothing otherwise.
void prepareNewReleaseChecks();
private slots:
/// Does the new release check.
void checkForNewRelease();
/// Signalled when the lastestReleaseReply is finished()
void latestReleaseReplyReady();
private slots:
// Executed in response to a user click on an 'add tab' tool button
void addNewTab();
// Executed in response to a user click on an 'close' button on a tab
void tabCloseRequested( int );
// Closes current tab.
void closeCurrentTab();
void closeAllTabs();
void closeRestTabs();
void switchToNextTab();
void switchToPrevTab();
void ctrlReleased();
// Handling of active tab list
void createTabList();
void fillWindowsMenu();
void switchToWindow(QAction *act);
/// Triggered by the actions in the nav toolbar
void backClicked();
void forwardClicked();
/// ArticleView's title has changed
void titleChanged( ArticleView *, QString const & );
/// ArticleView's icon has changed
void iconChanged( ArticleView *, QIcon const & );
void pageLoaded( ArticleView * );
void tabSwitched( int );
void tabMenuRequested(QPoint pos);
void dictionaryBarToggled( bool checked );
/// Pronounces the currently displayed word by playing its first audio
/// reference, if it has any.
/// If view is 0, the operation is done for the currently open tab.
void pronounce( ArticleView * view = 0 );
void zoomin();
void zoomout();
void unzoom();
void doWordsZoomIn();
void doWordsZoomOut();
void doWordsZoomBase();
void applyWordsZoomLevel();
/// If editDictionaryGroup is specified, the dialog positions on that group
/// initially.
void editDictionaries( unsigned editDictionaryGroup = Instances::Group::NoGroupId );
/// Edits current group when triggered from the dictionary bar.
void editCurrentGroup();
void editPreferences();
void currentGroupChanged( QString const & );
void translateInputChanged( QString const & );
void translateInputFinished();
/// Closes any opened search in the article view, and focuses the translateLine/close main window to tray.
void handleEsc();
/// Either triggers Edit Dictionaries menu option or perform a Find Next action.
void handleF3();
void handleShiftF3();
/// Gives the keyboard focus to the translateLine and selects all the text
/// it has.
void focusTranslateLine();
void prefixMatchUpdated();
void prefixMatchFinished();
void wordListItemActivated( QListWidgetItem * );
void wordListSelectionChanged();
void dictsListItemActivated( QListWidgetItem * );
void dictsListSelectionChanged();
void showDictsPane( );
void dictsPaneVisibilityChanged ( bool );
/// Creates a new tab, which is to be populated then with some content.
ArticleView * createNewTab( bool switchToIt,
QString const & name );
void openLinkInNewTab( QUrl const &, QUrl const &, QString const &,
ArticleView::Contexts const & contexts );
void showDefinitionInNewTab( QString const & word, unsigned group,
QString const & fromArticle,
ArticleView::Contexts const & contexts );
void typingEvent( QString const & );
void activeArticleChanged( QString const & id );
void mutedDictionariesChanged();
void showTranslationFor( QString const &, unsigned inGroup = 0 );
void trayIconActivated( QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason );
void scanEnableToggled( bool );
void setAutostart( bool );
void showMainWindow();
void visitHomepage();
void visitForum();
void openConfigFolder();
void showAbout();
void showDictBarNamesTriggered();
void useSmallIconsInToolbarsTriggered();
void toggleMenuBarTriggered( bool announce = true );
// void historyChanged();
// void menuHistoryTriggered( QAction * );
void on_clearHistory_activated();
void on_newTab_activated();
void on_actionCloseToTray_activated();
void on_pageSetup_activated();
void on_printPreview_activated();
void on_print_activated();
void printPreviewPaintRequested( QPrinter * );
void on_saveArticle_activated();
void on_rescanFiles_activated();
void on_showHideHistory_activated();
void on_exportHistory_activated();
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