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(This is a work in progress)

Welcome to Goldendict; the world's best dictionary management application.

Okay, I know that has a marketing/advertisement feel to it. But it is actually true. Use it for a month or so and comeback and read it again and if you are still not convinced you can edit this page.

Goldendict has so many awesome features (Did I say it is the world's best dictionary management application?). This is a quick introduction that explains the basics of the Goldendict application so that you can easily start using the application.

What is Goldendict?

Goldendict is a dictionary application, where you can add dictionaries and search for definitions.

A better definition would be a dictionary content management application, but don't worry about the definitions.

Many dictionaries in a single application

One of the best features of Goldendict is that it can show definitions from more than one dictionary at a time.

If you used dictionary applications like Stardict, Lingoes, Babylon, AbbyLingvo etc., you already know how it works. What you might not know is that Goldendict supports dictionary files from all those applications and many more formats.

You can find the supported dictionary formats here.

Note: lingoes format dictionaries are only supported in the paid-mobile version.

No dictionaries are installed with the Goldendict

As I said above, Goldendict supports many formats, but no actual dictionaries come with the application.

When you first install the dictionary, you have to install actual dictionaries before you can start using the application. You have to get the actual dictionary files from somewhere else. But don't worry; there are many free dictionaries which you can download and use with Goldendict.

How to install the dictionary files in Goldendict?

You can find the adding, deleting, grouping (and many other management information) of dictionaries here.

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