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Supported Dictionary Formats

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Goldendict supports many dictionary formats. The main formats are listed below. The file extensions of the supported dictionary formats are given in the brackets

Offline Dictionary formats

  1. StarDict dictionaries (.ifo, .dict, .idx, and .syn files)
  2. Babylon dictionaries (.bgl files)
  3. Dictd dictionaries (.index, .dict and files)
  4. ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries (.dsl,, .lsd) - lsd support only in mobile version
  5. Lingoes dictionaries (.ld2) - Only in the mobile version
  6. XDXF dictionaries (.xdxf, - Desktop version build 1.0.1-210-gfb179ac and later
  7. AARD dictionaries (.aar) - Desktop version build 1.0.1-223-g81ee55a and later
  8. SDict dictionaries (.dct) - Desktop version build 1.0.1-223-g81ee55a and later
  9. MDict dictionaries (.mdd and .mdx files) - Desktop version build 1.0.1-675-g487ba6b and later
  10. Zim dictionaries (.zim files) - Desktop version build 1.5.0-RC-177-geb6ddfe and later. (Under Linux this feature is turned off by default. To turn it on use "qmake "CONFIG+=zim_support"" (liblzma-dev package required. Or take xz 5.0.5 sources from and compile it).)
  11. EPWING dictionaries - Desktop version build 1.5.0-RC-394-g141703a and later
  12. Slob dictionaries (.slob files) - Desktop version build 1.5.0-RC-459-g91bddcc and later. (Under Linux see remark for Zim dictionaries)
  13. Babylon source files (.gls, files) - Desktop version build 1.5.0-RC2-85-g473cb2b and later.

Audio pronunciation dictionary formats

  1. ABBYY Lingvo audio files (.lsa and .dat)
  2. Arbitrary sets of sound files
  3. Compressed sound packs (zips) - Desktop version build 1.0.1-333-g8e4b384 and later

Online Dictionaries

GoldenDict supports so many online dictionaries that it almost impossible to list them all here.

A few of the examples are wikipedia, Oxford, Lingoes, Merriam Websters

If you are using an online dictionary most probably that will work with Goldendict.

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