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Kamele Framework

Build Status

Quite a simple framework

Kamele Framework is an awesome tiny framework, which can be used for both tiny one-page projects and big-ish applications. It is very lightweight, and has some pretty good documentation. I wrote it because I needed a lightweight MVC framework, and I thought other frameworks were too complicated for tiny projects.


Kamele is open source and licensed under the MIT license. For more information see LICENSE.txt


You can contribute! If you think something is missing, you have a library to add, or you just want to help, e-mail me at and we'll work something out. Alternatively you can fork this repo and create a pull request.


You can help by contribution, as mentioned above, but you can of course also help in other ways. I always like to see people using Kamele, so you can spread the word. If you like, you can buy me a cup of coffee. My bitcoin address is 19ahUNppJCShEBJ8JfcCRWYtiUwFydRRQj.