color quantization using kmeans+++ for clustering and CIEDE2000 algorithm for color distance
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Color segmentation using kmeans+++ for clustering and CIEDE2000 algorithm for color distance.

Color Palette Picker App/Demo - Attempt to generate the optimal color palette given an image

Blog Post


This implementation relies on the canvas api to process the image


npm i major-colors
yarn add major-colors


import MajorColors from 'major-colors'

const majorColors = new MajorColors(imageDomNode);
const { clusterResult, colors } =
  majorColors.getMajorColors({ numberOfColors: 5, quality: .10});


colors [[number]]

an array of arrays which represent the colors in RGB vector

clusterResult - raw cluster ouput from k-means-plus

type result = {
  model: {
    observations: [[number]], // the original vectors: colors in Lab space
    centroids: [[number]], // vectors of final cluster centers: colors in Lab space
    assignments: [number] // mapping from index of original vector to the index of cluter center it belongs to
  iterations: number, // number of iterations ran before converging
  durationMs: number // the duration of the algorithm