Richard A. Eisenberg's PhD Dissertation
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Richard A. Eisenberg's Dissertation

This repo stores all the files for my dissertation. I have decided to put this work-in-progress in the public domain both to generate interest and to get feedback. Thus, feedback is assuredly welcome, and feel free to post Issues.

To build, make sure you have all dependencies (see below), but then just use make. If you wish to avoid building my branch of GHC, you can use make thesis, which avoids compiling the examples from the text. You'll still need all the other dependencies (except Perl) though.


  • A working GHC 8.0.

  • Make sure that ghc-8 is in your path and points to the GHC 8.0 executable.

  • Make sure that the packages in the cab directory of this repo are installed in the package database used by ghc-8.

  • ott, version 0.23 or greater

  • latexmk, which comes with modern LaTeX distributions.

  • lhs2TeX, which you can get with cabal install lhs2TeX. (This is just an executable that you need. It does not need to be built with my branch!)

  • Perl. The use of Perl is very minor and any version from the last 15 years should work fine.

  • GNU Make. No attempt is made to make the Makefile portable.

  • This repo has submodules. Make sure to git submodule update --init.