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CodeIgniter Startup (ACL, Templates, PHPUnit)

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What is CIStartup

CodeIgniter Startup is my personal collection of useful tools to get a project running instantly.

Release Information

This repo contains code from multiple sources on varying release numbers

Server Requirements

  • PHP version 5.1.6 or newer.


Pull/Extract code into a directory...

for Pear and PHPUnit - and Selenium, read PHPUnit instructions at

Included Releases

Current Master Branch has the following running

  • Codeigniter 2.1.0
  • CIUnit for CI 2.1 (by Kenji)
    • Added functional tests for use with Selenium
  • wiredesignz HMVC v5.4 (Still working on implementing)
  • Phil Sturgeon's REST API
  • Phil Palmieri's URL based Template System
  • FirePHP


I'll be upgrading and testing newer CI versions and updated 3rd party code on individual branches

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