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What's the URL of the public Maven repository, please?


ghost commented May 30, 2012

Thanks for inquiring but we don't currently have a public Maven repository.

Is there a plan for a public Maven repository? That would simplify continuous integration, testing and help encourage community uptake.


ghost commented Jun 1, 2012

This is something we're looking at but we don't have an ETA yet.

jtnord commented Sep 25, 2012

Any chance of at least providing the maven built files for download in the interim?
(looking at the build they are different to the ANT build ones as they provide the OSGI packages...)

Hi @jtnord,

The Webguys/ponzu fork is published to Maven central. The dependency information is in the project's README.


ghost commented Oct 7, 2013

GS Collections is available in Maven Central as of version 4.1.0.

Build instructions for Maven and Ivy are available on the wiki.

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