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User Guide to migrate from GS Collections to Eclipse Collections

Starting with version 17.0.0, Reladomo supports Eclipse Collections. GS Collections support is now deprecated. Please note that GS Collections support is planned to be removed in 1 year (Mar 2019). We recommend users to be prepared for the deprecation and start a plan to migrate from GS Collections to Eclipse Collections.

Here is a quick guide to migrate from GS Collections to Eclipse Collections

General Migration Guide

  1. In reladomo-gen task in your build configuration (Ant, Maven or Gradle), replace generateGscListMethod with generateEcListMethod

Ant example:

    <reladomo-gen xml="PATH_TO_THE_XML"
        generateGscListMethod="true" />
    <reladomo-gen xml="PATH_TO_THE_XML"
        generateEcListMethod="true" />
  1. Replace asGscList() with asEcList() in your code.
  2. Replace* imports with org.eclipse.collections.* in your code

Breaking Changes in 17.0.0

As part of version 17.0.0, we made breaking changes in several minor public APIs in Reladomo. If you use any of these APIs in conjunction with GS Collections APIs, you may need to replace GS Collections dependency with Eclipse Collections equivalent.

  • MithraFastList
  • AdhocFastList
  • ByteArraySet
  • ConstantIntSet
  • ConstantShortSet
  • AbstractDatedCache.MatchAllAsOfDatesProcedureForMany#getResult()
  • MasterSyncResult#getBuffers()
  • MithraCompositeList#getLists()
  • AsOfEqualityChecker#getMsiPool()
  • ConcurrentIntObjectHashMap#parallelForEachValue()
  • All methods in ListFactory