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Code accompanying my blog post on k-means in Python, C++ and CUDA
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⤴️ ⤴️ k-means


This repository contains code referenced in my blog post Exploring k-means in Python, C++ and CUDA, where I implement k-means in a variety of platforms. In this post I show how CUDA implementations of k-means can outperform scikit-learn and scipy in performance by a factor of 72 and 90, respectively.

The code is not particularly tidy, but gives an idea of how to implement k-means efficiently on a GPU.


  • python/ contains Python code for k-means using scikit-learn, scipy and a roll-it-yourself implementation.
  • cpp/ contains C++ implementations of k-means, including one using Eigen.
  • cuda/ holds all CUDA implementations.
  • data/ has some toy data with 100 and 100k datapoints in five clusters as well as a script to generate more.


Peter Goldsborough + cat ❤️

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