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Golem Unlimited

Golem Unlimited utilizes trusted heterogeneous computing resources which are part time idle. It is meant for data center-like setup (e.g., render farms, or desktops within organisation LAN) where network participants trust each other, but it will also support trusted P2P subnetworks (e.g., distributed team machines).

It features the hub acting as a requestor and additional worker nodes in the hub’s trusted network acting as providers.

Trust within Golem Unlimited subnetwork allows simplifying its design and taking care of only the computation layer. Other components such as economic layers, reputation systems, verification algorithms, and sandboxing (in contrast to the public Golem Network) can be skipped altogether or implemented optionally.

Golem Unlimited joint resources can be used to perform tasks for internal requestor - the hub operator - with no fee. At the same time the hub will be able to expose its subordinate trusted providers to the public Golem Network. In such a setting hub will act as a provider and earn GNTs.

The latter broadens Golem Network reach, because it currently supports just single machine nodes. With Golem Unlimited it would allow more complex components, such as a whole subnetworks.

Use cases

So far we have prepared plugins for two use cases:

  • Integer factorization
  • Mining

We will open source those plugins soon.

Installing and testing

Please bear in mind that Golem Unlimited is in its Alpha stage.


To install you can use the released Ubuntu deb and MacOs dmg binary packages.

The detailed steps can be found in our demo

from source

To run the hub, go to the gu-hub subdir and perform

$ cargo run -- -vv server run

To run the provider and connect to your hub at go to gu-provider subdir and run

$ cargo run -- -vv -a server run


See our demo for sample usage

Both hub and provider can be configured via CLI. Invoke them with help command to see what's possible.

The hub comes also with web UI at:


Project layout

  • gu-actix: small util crate defining flatten trait for ActixWeb future
  • gu-base: implementation of common parts of Provider and Hub servers
  • gu-ethkey: Ethereum keys management
  • gu-event-bus: event-bus implementation - publish-subscribe communication between components
  • gu-hardware: discovery of hardware resources - GPU, disk space, RAM
  • gu-hub: binary of Hub server
  • gu-lan: mDNS services discovery
  • gu-net: network layer of the application
  • gu-persist: filesystem, persistent storage of files
  • gu-provider: binary of Provider service
  • gu-webapp: web application building development tools
  • gu-envman-api: data structures used in communication with execution enviroment component on provider side.

How to Contribute to Unlimited

Here you can find information in order to give us feedback and contribute to the project.

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