@mfranciszkiewicz mfranciszkiewicz released this Jan 24, 2018 · 2503 commits to develop since this release

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  • New, more user friendly installer for Windows
  • Upnp support
  • Hyperg and Docker problems are visible in GUI
  • Results for single frame tasks will not be overwritten (number will be added to the result name instead).
  • Restarting task now causes a duplicate of a task being created, instead of just changing the deadlines and resetting all subtasks
  • Critical errors are now stored in separate, permanent log file


  • Use GNT-like contract in testnet with wrapper (GNTW)
  • Better management of Geth errors


  • Information about tasks are dumped in separate thread
  • Optimized the number of messages with information about tasks that are sent in the network
  • Reduced the number of received and processed messages for starting task session.
  • Async API requests from HyperG are now handled by Twisted, so requests are no longer lost under heavy strain).


  • Additional message for resource sending to Concent FileTransferToken
  • New time representation in messages
  • New signing and serializing methods