@mfranciszkiewicz mfranciszkiewicz released this Mar 27, 2018 · 1695 commits to develop since this release

Assets 5


  • Password is now required to unlock Golem service
  • Term-of-use added (temporarily disabled)
  • Websocket encryption
  • (Anti-sybil) Key difficulty checks added to task session
  • Provider keeps information about computed subtasks longer
  • --mainnet flag added
  • subtask_id generation mechanism changed


  • Blender verification is now called sequentially
  • Disabled compositing


  • Better address management in HyperG


  • Batch transfer is now called less often
  • Decrease reputation when requestor is not paying for computation
  • Lock funds after requesting task
  • Golem tries to reconnect with remote Geth RPC nodes after losing connection

CI & Tests

  • Sentry integration added
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


  • --concent flag added
  • support for ForceReportComputedTaskResponse
  • support for ForceSubtaskResults
  • support for ForceSubtaskResulstsRejection
  • support for ForceGetTaskResult
  • support for ForceGetTaskResultFailed
  • FileTransferToken improvements