@ktomala ktomala released this Sep 7, 2018 · 706 commits to develop since this release

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Golem Core

  • support for sharing of performance information between Golem nodes
  • support for new local test result GUI
  • DockerToolbox upgrade to 18.06.0 and fix for VirtualBox Driver service setup after upgrade
  • support for partial task restart
  • various stability improvements and optimizations
  • better support for interoperation between Golem clients of differing versions

Blender Verification

  • improvements to blender result verification and verification error handling
  • BlenderReferenceGenerator refactor
  • Golem-Verificator without docker-py / docker dependency

Transaction subsystem

  • improvements to incoming transaction tracking
  • refactor TransactionSystem to have its own Ethereum key to allow ethereum account vs Golem identity separation
  • separate the TransactionSystem's data directory
  • Cleanup overdue income events

Concent support

  • fix issue preventing upload of files to Concent
  • partial support for Concent's Force Payment use case
  • fix issues with Concent integration tests


  • New local task test component applied
  • New History list
  • Restart modal implementation
  • Public key validation fix
  • Provider switch logic fixed
  • Wording fixes