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@ktomala ktomala released this Feb 20, 2019 · 64 commits to b0.19 since this release


Major updates to Golem Core

  • Introduce more mature "Docker for Windows" as a replacement to "Docker Toolbox" on Windows
  • Add support for Hyper-V, Windows' native hypervisor (#3328)
  • Introduce Golem Marketplace (#3482)
    • Enable providers to send offers to multiple requestors at the same time (#3362)
    • Enable offer buffering on Requestor's end (#3390)
    • Track provider idle time (#3372)
    • Implement reputation (#3422)
    • Implement provider ordering algorithm (#3453)
    • Introduce provider selection algorithm (#3479)
    • Implement provider price function (#3526)
    • Add additional statistics for requestors and providers
    • Send provider stats to monitor
  • Add full support for all Concent use cases on testnet

Minor updates to Golem Core

  • Move boot2docker ISO to a CDN (#3757)
  • Add Ability to set custom gas price during withdrawal (#3183)
  • Warn users when current gas price exceeds reasonable limits (#3446)
  • Enable frame restarts on finished tasks (#3889)
  • Fix order of preferred geth nodes (#3579)
  • Fix installation of hyperg on Linux (#3599)
  • Fix locks in crossbar for binaries (#3621)
  • Initialize hardware presets in Node.start (#3646)
  • Show wget progress bars in linux installer (#3631)
  • Add an RPC endpoint to check VT/VT-x support in the OS (#3751)
  • Add helper scripts to facilitate running Golem from sources on different platforms (#1888)
  • Fix race condition in golemcli (#3429)
  • Send more detailed OS information to monitor (#3430)
  • Reserve a CPU for the host on win and mac when needed (#3664)
  • Allow specification of whole directories in task definitions
  • Purge support for LuxRender from Golem
  • Optimize blender executions for multi-frame subtasks
  • Various improvements to Golem's command line interface and RPC API
  • Various stability improvements


  • Add a distinct status to possible task states during the creation of Concent deposits (#3538)
  • Add RPC support for retrieval and acceptance of Concent Terms of Service (#3562)
  • Ensure that send_to_concent will not sign already signed msg (#3602)
  • Support for toggling Concent through RPC (#3665)
  • Ensure deposit is in a locked state when creating tasks with Concent enabled (#3682)
  • Add an integration test for Concent UC5 / Forced Payment (#2526)
  • Add an RPC endpoint for estimated Concent deposit payment and tx fee (#3801)
  • Various fixes to Concent acceptance and integration tests

Golem Internals

  • Add Hyper-V events to RPC (#3681)
  • Simplify registration of new RPC endpoints (#3368)
  • Add more granular control over Concent deposits to Golem's Ethereum Transaction System (#3365)
  • Sign all messages before adding to DB (#3437, #3515)
  • Always require the node id when retrieving messages from the DB (#3532)
  • Move TaskHeader and its dependencies to golem-messages (#3655)
  • Make TaskHeader part of the WantToComputeTask message (#3718)
  • Ensure the methods using Golem Smart Contract Interface properly detect if it had been initialized (#3443)
  • Remove collission between Golem's internal async helper module and Python 3.5's async keyword (#3468)
  • Enable the StatusPublisher to keep last status of all components (#2701)
  • Remove scipy and ssim dependencies from Golem core (#3401)
  • Enforce ordering in requirement files (#3620)
  • Put offer_pooling_interval in config (#3487)
  • Improve logged events in Golem code

Golem Client (Electron)

  • New Gas fee slider on withdraw modal
  • New Resource section on Network tab - which allows the user to toggle advanced options easily
  • New footer implementation - easier access to logs, detailed Golem components' status
  • New Wallet Card implementation with more detailed information (Locked, Unconverted amounts, GNTb contract address)
  • Blockies Identicon avatar based on generated ethereum address
  • Blender GPU benchmark added
  • Custom Geth section in Settings Tab
  • Error Boundary implemented to show user meaningful error message, if anything is missing or broken in code wise.
  • Modal logic re-implemented with React Portals for some of the important modals.
  • Electron security update from 2.0.13 to 2.0.17
  • Web3.js dependency removed, no more Scrypt dependency error on Windows.
  • Node-sass dependency replaced with Dart-sass, no more node-sass compilation error
  • Outdated golem version message added for the golem versions lower than v0.19
  • Dependency audit, fix, migration - passed
  • Luxrender support has been removed
  • support for Concent (testnet only)
    • Concent Settings
    • Toggle Concent On/Off
    • Unlock deposit option
    • Concent deposit information in Transaction Tube component
    • Concent ToS
    • Concent Onboarding
    • Concent Deposit History in Transaction History section
    • Estimated concent deposit cost implemented in Task Details screen
  • New animations
  • Tons of style implementations, improvements and fixes.
  • UX improvements, fixes
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