A Blackboard Learn building block for testing Blackboard APIs.
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A Blackboard Learn building block for testing Blackboard APIs. It provides a script engine selector, a simple text area for entering code, and an output area.

WARNING: not for production use!

Building BbScripting

To build, your Maven repository must include two jars from your /systemlib directory. See the POM file for more information.

Using BbScripting

The BbScripting context contains the following objects:

persistenceManager (a BbPersistenceManager instance)
request (HttpServletRequest instance)

The following example retrieves all courses and prints their titles and descriptions. Note the value of the last line (nameStr;) is treated as the return value and will be displayed in the results box.

var courseLoader = persistenceManager.getLoader('CourseDbLoader');
var courseList = courseLoader.loadAllCourses();
var courseNames = [];
var size = courseList.size();
for(var i=0; i<size; i++){
    var course = courseList.get(i);
    courseNames.push(course.getTitle() + '(' + course.getDescription() + ')');
var nameStr = courseNames.join("\n");