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A Robust URL Parser and Builder

This small Lua library provides a few functions to parse URL with querystring and build new URL easily.

> url = require'neturl'

Querystring parser

The library supports brackets in querystrings, like PHP. It means you can use brackets to build multi-dimensional tables. The parsed querystring has a tostring() helper. As usual with Lua, if no index is specified, it starts from index 1.

> query = url.parseQuery("first=abc&a[]=123&a[]=false&b[]=str&c[]=3.5&a[]=last")
> = query
> = query.a[1]

URL parser

The library converts an URL to a table of the elements as described in RFC : scheme, host, path, etc.

> u = url.parse("")
> = u.scheme
> =
> = u.path

URL normalization

> = url.parse(""):normalize()

URL resolver

URL resolution follows the examples provided in the RFC 2396.

> = url.parse("http://a/b/c/d;p?q"):resolve("../../g")

Querystring builder

> u = url.parse("")
> = "bar"
> = u
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