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README: Implement optional resource schema.

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@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
- DONE ~~Output JSON templates~~
- DONE ~~FileDB metadata: indexing, count~~
- TODO Resources: list and details
-- TODO Routes: restful list, take in where/params
+- TODO ~~Routes: restful list, take in where/params~~
+ - TODO: Implement optional resource schema to handle type in queries
- DONE ~~Sanitize output file name~~
- TODO Take in filename parameter!
- DONE ~~Files: Format conversion library. Support CSV, JSON~~
@@ -18,6 +19,16 @@ Context, gathered from FileDB metadata and results.
* Result data: Array|Object
* success: boolean
+## Restful:
+*NOTE* Right now we do not type check resource objects, so conversions to JSON are left to chance, ie a field containing a number might get parsed as a string. This is OK most of the time, but it could break your `where` queries on the `list` endpoint:
## Resources
- [Browser library][1]

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