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turbovanityurls(1) -- Provide vanity go import paths


turbovanityurls -c /etc/turbovanityurls/config.yaml

This daemon provides a web server that creates go "vanity" import paths.


turbovanityurls [-c <config-file>] [-h] [-v]

-c <config-file>
    Provide a configuration file (instead of the default).
    The default is ./config.yaml, but this may change in the future.

-l <listen-addr>
    Provide a listen address to bind to. Default is :$PORT. PORT is taken
    from the environment. If PORT is unset the default is :8080.

    Display version and exit.

    Display usage and exit.


Config File Parameters

  Used as the page and html title on the Index page.

host                        required
  Used as the import path host. This must be set.

  Displayed as a description paragraph on the index page.

  If this is set, the logo is displayed in the index and package templates.
  Set this to a URI or URL for an image that is used in an img src tag.

cache_age                   default: 86400
  Cache-Control header max-age value. This is how long to tell upstream proxy
  servers they may cache our vanity pages for.

  Used as a <(source)> link on the index page if set.

links                       list
  Links are displayed in a list on the index page. Each link has a title and a url.

  This parameter is used to control badgedata. Badgedata is a custom library
  that provides "data" for badges. This is a feature used by, and
  most people will probably disable this. Set it to "" or remove the line from
  your config to disable badge data.

redir_paths                 list
  These values are used in a string match to check it a path can be redirected.
  This only works if a path has `redir` set to a non-empty value. If the request
  URI contains one of these values it will be redirected. This setting is global
  but it can also be set per path.

  If set, this parameter is used to redirect index page requests. By default
  the index page is displayed from a built-in template. If you would rather
  visitors get forwarded to another page put that URI or URL here.

  If set, this parameter is used to redirect 404 requests. Set this to a URI
  or URL to redirect requests to that resulted in a missing page.

paths                       list
  Paths are what make this application work. Add at least one. Each path should
  have either repo or redir set. Or both. Each path has the following optional

    Each package can have a list of resource links. Each link has a url and
    a title attribute.

    If a description is provided, it is displayed on the package page.
    HTML is OK.

    If parameter is provided, it will be displayed at the top of the
    package's page. This must be a URI or URL to an image (png, jpg, etc).

    See explanation above.

    See explanation above.

    URL to the repo for the vanity path.

    URL to redirect this vanity path to. May be used with repo vanity URL.

    This is used as the display line in the go-import html meta tag.
    Determined automatically. Set it if you're going extra custom.

    Supported VCSs: git hg bzr svn
    Set this if you get an error that it cannot be determined automatically.

    Allows redirecting all sub paths as repo paths. Set true to enable the feature.


  • GoogleCloudPlatform - 2017-2018
  • David Newhall II - 2019