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The IoT cloud platform built for hardware. See @goliothlabs for our experiments!


  1. golioth-firmware-sdk golioth-firmware-sdk Public

    Firmware SDK enabling any IoT device to connect to Golioth - the Universal Connector for IoT

    C 44 9

  2. reference-design-template reference-design-template Public

    Template for making new Golioth Reference Design repositories

    C 11 5

  3. zephyr-training zephyr-training Public

    Code for Golioth's Zephyr Training using the Nordic nRF7002-DK

    C 11 7

  4. awesome-zephyr-rtos awesome-zephyr-rtos Public

    šŸŖ A curated list of awesome projects and resources for the Zephyr RTOS project.

    108 10

  5. grafana-websocket-plugin grafana-websocket-plugin Public

    TypeScript 29 11

  6. xk6-coap xk6-coap Public

    A k6 extension for CoAP.

    Go 10 1


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