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README trimming to point to the wiki

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sunny committed Apr 8, 2013
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9 comments on commit 85677d5

@sunny It's nice that you trimmed the README and point to the wiki - but then you should also make the wiki accessible :). Right now there's no docs for gollum available anymore.


jamieoliver replied Apr 18, 2013

@mikehaertl The wiki is working for me, even when logged out. Can you please provide more details of the problem you are experiencing?


sunny replied Apr 18, 2013

This is odd. I swear it did not work some hours ago. Clicking the link in the README took me to the gollum project page again. And there was no "Wiki" item in the menu on top. It works now, though. So thanks anyway, whatever you did.

For some reason the wiki checkbox in the admin section wasn't enabled. I fixed the issue.

Mistery solved, thanks. What about the issues? Also disabled by accident?


jamieoliver replied Apr 19, 2013

Agreed that issues have now disappeared from gollum/gollum. @bootstraponline please can you re-enable them?

@bootstraponline please can you re-enable them?

I re-enabled them.

Only admins have access to the settings. Gollum has two admins and neither of them messed with the settings. I emailed GitHub to see if they'd review the logs for us to figure out what's going on. They don't have any records so it's not possible to tell what the problem is. For now, I'll just keep enabling anything that gets disabled.

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