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The preview link in Gollum opens a separate page (when the Ace editor isn't in use). But if you notice on GitHub pull requests, issue reports, etc, the preview is an Ajax-ified tab. Adding that in place preview to Gollum would make for a much more awesome editing experience.



bootstraponline commented Jan 23, 2013

I agree that'd be an improvement. As with most of the nice features on GitHub, AJAX preview is not open source. Someone would have to reimplement the functionality.

I'd happily merge a pull request.


Yup, I'd second that this would definitely be an awesome feature =).

@bootstraponline From your comment, this isn't an easy thing to re-implement - is that right?



bootstraponline commented Mar 16, 2013

From your comment, this isn't an easy thing to re-implement - is that right?

I think it would be easy. I just haven't had much time. We now have a bunch more maintainers (#648) so chances are better that someone may implement this feature.


bartkamphorst commented Oct 11, 2014

@victorhooi I know it's been a while, but would you be interested in trying a pull request for this feature?


dometto commented Dec 3, 2015

The idea now would be to integrate a livepreview pane in the normal editor, as discussed in #826.

dometto closed this Dec 3, 2015

calid commented Jan 2, 2016

just curious if this feature is completely dead in favor of the live preview with ace. I'm actually a big fan of the preview tab with the simple/default editor.

assuming there's room for both live preview and preview tab functionality I'd be willing to look into implementing this.


dometto commented Jan 3, 2016


dometto commented Jan 3, 2016

By the way, @rtrvrtg's branch here is a more clean implementation of the ajax preview pane (without my attempts to use ace in the default editor).


bartkamphorst commented Jan 3, 2016

Same here; I'm in favor a preview tab. 👍

calid commented Jan 3, 2016

@dometto awesome, thanks, I'll take a look.

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