Gollum via Rack

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You can also run gollum with any rack-compatible server by placing this config.ru file inside your wiki repository. This allows you to utilize any Rack middleware like Rack::Auth, OmniAuth, etc.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'gollum/app'

gollum_path = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) # CHANGE THIS TO POINT TO YOUR OWN WIKI REPO
wiki_options = {:universal_toc => false}
Precious::App.set(:gollum_path, gollum_path)
Precious::App.set(:default_markup, :markdown) # set your favorite markup language
Precious::App.set(:wiki_options, wiki_options)
run Precious::App

Your Rack middleware can pass author details to Gollum in a Hash in the session under the gollum.author key.

The options hash

The options available for the :wiki_options hash mostly correspond to the arguments used when running gollum from the command line, but there are some small exceptions. Below is a list of the keys you can use to set gollum's options when running it as a Rack app.

wiki_options = {}
wiki_options[:css] = true # Equivalent to --css
wiki_options[:js] = true # Equivalent to --js
wiki_options[:template_dir] = path # Equivalent to --template-dir
wiki_options[:page_file_dir] = path # Equivalent to --page-file-dir
wiki_options[:gollum_path] = path # Equivalent to ARGV
wiki_options[:ref] = ref ## Equivalent to --ref
wiki_options[:repo_is_bare] = true # Equivalent to --bare
wiki_options[:allow_editing] = false # # Equivalent to --no-edit
wiki_options[:live_preview] = true # Equivalent to --live-preview
wiki_options[:allow_uploads] = true # Equivalent to --allow-uploads
wiki_options[:per_page_uploads] = true # When :allow_uploads is set, store uploads under a directory named after the page, as when using --allow-uploads page
wiki_options[:mathjax] = true # Equivalent to --mathjax
wiki_options[:mathjax_config] = source # Equivalent to --mathjax-config
wiki_options[:user_icons] = source # Equivalent to --user-icons
wiki_options[:show_all] = true # Equivalent to --show-all
wiki_options[:collapse_tree] = true # Equivalent to --collapse-tree
wiki_options[:h1_title] = true # Equivalent to --h1-title

The --base-path option

The --base-path option has no equivalent in the options hash. This is because base path is implemented as a piece of middleware, which you will have to add to your config.ru manually. Here is the code for this middleware from bin/gollum:

require 'rack'

class MapGollum
    def initialize base_path
        @mg = Rack::Builder.new do
            map '/' do
                run Proc.new { [302, { 'Location' => "/#{base_path}" }, []] }
            map "/#{base_path}" do
                run Precious::App

    def call(env)

# Rack::Handler does not work with Ctrl + C. Use Rack::Server instead.
Rack::Server.new(:app => MapGollum.new('wiki'), :Port => options['port'], :Host => options['bind']).start

Please note: when using this setup, the run Precious::App line from the example config.ru at the top of this page becomes superfluous.

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