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A cross-platform implementation of various reaction-diffusion systems.
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Ready is a program for exploring continuous and discrete cellular automata, including reaction-diffusion systems, on grids and arbitrary meshes. OpenCL is used as the computation engine, to take advantage of the many-core architectures on graphics cards and modern CPUs. OpenCL also allows rules to be written in a text format and compiled on the fly. Ready supports a compact XML-based file format so that images and rules can be shared easily.

Ready supports 1D, 2D and 3D data, as well as polygonal and polyhedral meshes.

Download Ready 0.8 here:

More details on the releases tab.

Changes, To-do list, Credits

For questions, join our mailing list. Or you can email


Press coverage:


Please cite Ready as:

Tim Hutton, Robert Munafo, Andrew Trevorrow, Tom Rokicki, Dan Wills. 
"Ready, a cross-platform implementation of various reaction-diffusion systems."

Blog coverage:

Other packages:

Wanted rules: (help needed)

  • K. Maginu, "Reaction-diffusion equation describing morphogenesis I. waveform stability of stationary wave solutions in a one dimensional model", Math. Biosci. 27:1/2 (1975), 17–98
  • L.Decker 2003, derived from Maginu's (from TexRD)
  • L.Decker 2002, derived from Ginzburg-Landau (from TexRD)
  • L.Decker 1998, derived from Brusselator (from TexRD)


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