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Spring-Boot Project for Continuous Deployment demonstration

This project is a simple example of Rest API to demonstrate the steps and principles of continuous delivery across different platforms.

Java Spring-Boot Built from Spring Boot Initializer, it compiles with Maven, it contains a Tomcat Server Embedded and deploy easily on AWS BeanStalk Platform.


  • AWS Account (needs AccesKey and SecretID)
  • Docker machine
  • A remote git repository
  • Fork this repository

Pipeline steps


mvn test


mvn package

Deploy to AWS

Configure config.xml in .elastikbeanstalk folder Export ACCESS_ID and SECRET_KEY as environment variables

  • Initialize eb-cli:

eb init continuous-deployment-demo -p "64bit Amazon Linux 2017.09 v2.6.4 running Java 8" --region "ca-central-1"

  • Create (optional) environment:

eb create jenkins-env --single

  • Use environment:

eb use xyz-env

  • Set Spring-boot SERVER_PORT environment variable:

eb setenv SERVER_PORT=5000

  • Finally Deploy:

eb deploy