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28 lines (20 sloc) 1.62 KB is a developer tool to easily share files between servers, desktops and mobiles. The service is super simple and has following features:

  • 7-day storage,
  • Feed uploading (pushing content to the same file on the upload server),
  • unlimited downloads,
  • multiple file uploads,
  • secure upload/download through encryption (actually not a feature, just be mindful when uploading unencrypted files),
  • 25G max limit for single file (planning to extend that in future).

Image of

Uploading from command line is as easy as chosing the name for the future file and pointing curl to the actual file to be uploaded: Image of file upload from command line

Download a file in a way you like it: Image of downloading file in a command line

File(s) can be uploaded from Desktop as well: Image of file upload from desktop

After file was uploaded an info on download will be shown: Image of file download info from command line

When accessed in browser this information will include TTL of the file: Image of file download info from browser

File upload is also available from mobile devices: Image of file upload from mobile device

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