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Find file Copy path
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print maxFilePath;
explorer = SceneExplorerManager.GetActiveExplorer(); -- get active explorer reference
selectedItems = explorer.SelectedItems(); -- get array of selected items
objClass = ObjExp; -- format of exported file is .obj
-- get objects of type Layer from all selected objects
selectedLayers = for s in selectedItems where (ClassOf s == Base_LayerBase_Layer) collect s;
isFirst = true; -- is first layer flag
max select none; -- reset current selection
-- for each buffered selected layer
for l in selectedLayers do
( true; -- select layer
-- prepare output file path as concatenation of current model folder and layer name
filePath = maxFilePath +;
print filePath; -- display output file for debug
-- the export of first layer run with standart *.OBJ export configuration dialog
if isFirst then
exportFile filePath selectedOnly:on using:objClass
exportFile filePath #noprompt selectedOnly:on using:objClass
) false; -- deselect layer
isFirst = false; -- reset configuration`s flag and execute another exports with same settings as first export
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